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How can you check if your name is on Voter list Online

Introduction – The voter list, sometimes referred to as the electoral roll, is a meticulously maintained record that contains the names and additional details of all registered voters in a certain constituency.

With the ease of the online method, you’ll no longer be bound to go to an election booth with identification proof or additional documentation needed to look up your name on the voter’s list.

To make certain that any errors are corrected as soon as possible, this must be completed at least ten days before the elections. Changes are not permitted after voting is set to begin.

How will I check online if my name is on the voter list?
In India, being in possession of a voter ID card does not automatically make one qualified to cast a ballot. The person should verify whether or not their name is on the voter list prior to the elections. A person may now verify their listing on the voter list online. Simply adhere to the instructions below:

  1. Check the webpage.
  2. After viewing the website, there are two ways you may look for your identification on the voter list.
  3. The first approach involves selecting the ‘Search by Details’ option.

Follow the directions listed below if you want to find out if your name has been added to the voter list or if you want to check any information about your voter ID card:

  • Browse the Election Commission of India’s official portal, the National Voter’s Service Portal, which contains all of the details pertaining to voters.
  • Pick the ‘Search Your Name in the Electoral Roll’ option from the list of available options.
  • Choose one of the search options mentioned above and enter the information as necessary.
  • According to the data that is in the database structure, its outcome will be shown on the monitor.

To prevent having their ability to vote in elections suspended, those who have registered to vote must make a point of checking the electoral roll to be certain their name is there. If a name is missing from the database, the person can get in touch with the closest electoral office and let the officer in charge know.

Input your information to look for your name on the electoral list.

Input all of your personal data, including your name, birthdate, age, and the electoral district where you were registered to vote, on the portal.

Now click on search after entering the code displayed on the captcha symbol. You can tell if your name is on the electoral roll if you can find it below the submit button; if not, there is a very strong likelihood that it is not on the list.

By EPIC number You can search for your name in the voter’s list.

  • In the box, type the EPIC number.
  • Following that, select which state you live in.
  • Enter the code that appears in the captcha photo after that.
  • You will have the option of being able to see your name under the submit button if it is on the voters’ list; if not, there is a very strong likelihood that it is not.

The value of the voter list

  • The names of those who have registered to vote in a certain constituency are included on the electoral roll.
  • On whatever criterion, there is not any bias against anyone on the voting roll. The agreement also makes sure that the election is conducted in a formal way.
  • The list also guarantees that you aren’t going to be allowed to vote if the name of yours is not on the list.
  • All individuals who have reached the age of 18 and have the right to vote, presented their names are included to the list, make the voter registration procedure crucial. The names of those who have passed away but whose names are still listed on the voter list will become deleted from there.

The electoral roll contains the following information: the complete name of an individual

  • Date of birth
  • Photograph
  • Signature sample
  • National ID number
  • Registration address
  • Code of the voting location
  • Name of the polling station
  • The region or location

The electoral officials make use of such information to verify the identity of the individual.


The voter list is made in what manner and by whom?

The Election Commission of India, state election commissions, and chief electoral officials of each state compile the voter list.

Is it possible to register to vote more than once?

No, a person may only register to vote at one location.

Why is India’s voting age 18?

The voting age was lowered from 21 to 18 years old to make it easier for young people, particularly those who are underrepresented, to voice their opinions and participate in politics.

Who founded elections in India?

The first election in India was run by Sukumar Sen, who also ran the second round of general elections there.

Who creates the voter list?

The list of Indian voters is created by the Election Commission of India.

Is it my responsibility or right to vote?

In India, the right to vote is respected. Each Indian citizen who satisfies the requirements may vote for the nominee of their choice.

What two categories of voters are there?

The two different types of voters are closed-list system voters, who do not have any effect on a political party’s nominee, and open-list system voters, who not only have the ability to vote but also get to pick the order in which seats are allocated.

Who in India was granted the right to vote?

Sarojini Naidu was technically the very first protester in 1917 when she demanded that women be granted the right to vote in India.

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