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Voter ID Online Registration

An elector’s photo identity card is another name for a voter identification card. For those eligible voters who request this card, it is granted. To cast your ballot in local, state, and national elections, you must have a voter identification card. You will be added to the electoral rolls after your application for a voter identification card is approved. The voter list, also known as the electoral register, is a list of every registered voter. There are several ways to register for your voter ID, and the process is straightforward.

Who can submit an application for a voter ID card?
Any eligible Indian citizen who is at least 18 years old on the applicable date may apply for a voter identification card. Three types of candidates are available:

  • Service Electors
  • General Resident Electors
  • Overseas/NRI Electors

Election Card Registration Documents Required:

  • Evidence of residence: This is necessary to verify the address you provided on Form 6 of the application. Your latest water or energy bills, the most current bank statement, the PAN Card and the envelope in which it was received, a copy of your passport, your driver’s licence, an official service identity given by the state or the central government, or a copy of your passbook from an SBI or post office are all acceptable forms of identification.

Arm’s Licence, SC/ST/OBC official record Railway Identity Card, College Identity Card, Certificate for Physical Handicap, Freedom Fighter Identification Card, Pension Document, etc. are a few examples of the types of documents that may be required.

  • Age Proof: Voting requires that a person be at least 18 years old. To verify the date of birth you presented on Form Number 6, age verification is required. Your birth certificate, SSLC certificate, driver’s licence, or any other appropriate document that certifies your age will do.

Two current passport-size photos: This photograph would be on the voter’s identification card. The image must have been taken no more than six months prior to submission. You must allow the electoral commission a maximum of one month to review the submission once you have properly filled out the online application form and provided the above-mentioned official documents and certifications.

Information about voter identification forms for online registration:

Form NoPurpose
Form – 6Submitting an application to register as a voter for the first time. Following the draught publication of the electoral roll, request to have your name added. Submit an application to move your voter ID address to a different Assembly constituency inside the state or another region of the country.
Form – 7To seek the removal of a name that is already on the list of voters or to object to the insertion of a name that is being considered for inclusion.
Form – 8Requesting an edit of any record on the voter ID card or electoral roll, such as mistakes with the spelling of a person’s name or an incorrect age.
Form – 8-AThe candidate has already enrolled in voting and has moved his home within the same Assembly constituency when applying to alter his address within that area.

Conclusion – Many people take their ability to vote for granted. Voting Day should not be ignored as a mere public holiday since it is a right that was acquired after many battles and hardships. You have the option of changing or keeping your current government. Now is an excellent time to apply for a voter identification card if you don’t already have one. It serves as both a privilege and a crucial component of your identity, not only as identification.

Errors to Avoid When Filling Out the Form
A voter ID, also known as an EPIC, is one of the most crucial papers that every Indian citizen who is able to vote and registers for a voter ID must get. In addition to serving as identification and address evidence, this document most notably enables the person who holds it to take full advantage of their right to vote. Applicants must go to the NVSP Registration Officer’s office in their region to get a voter ID.


Who meets the criteria to sign up for a voter ID?

Indian citizens above the age of 18 may submit an application to register for a voter ID. By the deadline of January 1st, the citizen must be at least 18 years old.

What kinds of forms does a service elector have access to?

Form 2 is for military personnel.
Form 2A is for state-armed police officers who are stationed outside of their home state.
Form 3 is for those working for the Indian government who have been posted or hired abroad.
Form 6 is for service electors who have chosen to register as general voters where they are posted

What kinds of documents are needed to register for a voter ID?

Evidence of residence
Evidence of age
Two current photographs the size of a passport

What qualifications must an NRI meet?

The NRI should be an Indian national.
Should be older than 18 years of age.
Should not be a citizen of another nation.

What distinguishes overseas/NRI electors from general resident electors?

Indian nationals who reside in the nation are known as general resident electors. NRI voters, often known as overseas voters, are Indian nationals who reside outside of India. Only citizens in both categories who are at least 18 years old are allowed to cast a ballot.

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