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Verify Your Name if your name Is on the Voter list

One of the frequent charges levelled against young people in India is that they don’t use their right to vote. The younger generation in our nation frequently lacks a valid identification card, despite having reached the legal voting age. In India, it is illegal to cast a ballot in any election without an acceptable voter ID card. Voting is the initial step towards creating a just government if one desires one.

How to find out if your name is listed as a voter:
Checking your name on the electoral roll is a quick and easy process that can be done online.
Following is a step-by-step process for checking if your name appears on the voter list:

  • Browse the National Voters’ Service Portal’s web page at
  • Select ‘Search in the Electoral Roll’.
  • Using one of the methods listed below, you can determine whether your name appears on the voter list on the next page.
  • Browse by Details
  • Find an EPIC number.
  • You must enter your first and last name, father’s or husband’s name, age, birth date, gender, state, district, assembly constituency, and code if you choose the ‘Search by Details’ alternative.
  • You must input the EPIC No., state, and code if you want to “Search by EPIC No.” ‘Search’ should be selected.
  • You can select the ‘Locate on Map’ option in addition to the alternatives indicated above. You may look for your name on the list by searching.

Checking to See If Your Name Is on the voter List Is required
The Election Commission of India periodically updates the voter’s list. If there are any errors, your information is deleted from the voter list. The following are some of the justifications given by the Indian Electoral Commission for removing a person’s name from the voter list:

  • Alteration of address
  • Incorrect information
  • Fake information
  • Death of the person

You are unable to cast a ballot if a mistake causes your name to be deleted from the voter list. It is crucial that you regularly verify the list as a result.
Additionally, it is crucial that you confirm if your name is on the voter list if you recently submitted an application to have it added. You won’t be allowed to cast a ballot if your name is missing from the list. Checking your name against the voter list is crucial.
The Election Commission of India is making every effort to guarantee that everyone who is entitled to vote can. Your name could have been dropped from the list, nevertheless, as a result of unanticipated mistakes. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure your name appears on this list. You can get in touch with the Electoral Officer to get your name corrected if it was mistakenly left off the list.

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