Thinking of Home Renovation in 2024, Select the Best Home Renovation Loan for You!

Purchasing a place to call home might sometimes require purchasing a plot, a recently built flat, or an under-construction building. In some instances, you choose an already-built home that has to be renovated because such properties are frequently available at a low cost.

You may cover the cost of the purchase using any of the major housing loan options. Anyway, the probability is that the building does not meet your demands or desires for immediate upkeep and repairs. You may be eligible for home renovation loans to improve the interior and exterior of your home to your preferences.

Highlights and Advantages of a House Renovation Loan

The loan’s length will vary depending on the lending institution and can range from 5 to 30 years.
The loan can be used for home renovations, such as installing lavatory and kitchen fixtures or building an expansion.
Approximately 90% of the projected cost for the project in question can be funded through borrowing.
Prospective clients can select from fixed- and adjustable-interest-rate loans.
The paperwork part of the procedure is easy to do.
Applicable to salaried clients and individuals who are self-employed over the age of 21.
Convenient repayment approach with a periodic installment structure.

See Here When a Home Renovation Loan is Beneficial for You

All houses and apartments experience ordinary damages due to the effects of time and the environment. To bring back the home’s sophistication and beauty, you need to do regular upkeep and repairs that include applying paint, remodeling, woodworking, etc. Home improvement projects have gotten expensive due to increased labour and material costs. Spending on these charges after covering the extra funds needed for your house loan may strain your resources. In such cases, a home improvement loan can be beneficial.

Home renovation financing is secured by loans provided by financial organizations to cover the costs associated with renovating, reconstructing, and upgrading an existing house.

Who Can Take Out These Loans

These loans are available for employed and self-employed workers.

Both of these salaried and self-employed individuals can apply for home improvement loans. The rates of interest for both types of customers typically range from 6.75% to 11.25% each year. A home improvement loan might last anywhere from 5 to 30 years. The borrower’s age and professional background play an important role in deciding the loan’s length along with the interest rate. 

Check Here the Most Suitable Option For You

Lender Loan Size ROI Tenure CIBIL Score How to Apply
Kotak Bank 5 Lacs – 50 Crore 8.6- 11 % (Reducing Per Annum) 5 Years – 15 years 650+ Apply Here
HDFC Bank 25 Crore – 200 Crore 8.5 – 10.5% (Reducing per Annum) 1- 10 Years 650+ Apply Here
Bank of India 1- 10 Lacs and above 9 – 10.5% 1- 7 Years 675+ Apply Here
MONEY VIEW 5 Lacs 16 % Onwards 5 Years 550+ Apply Here
Aavas Financiers Ltd

25.00 Lacs – 2.00 cr 9 – 10 % (Reducing per Annum) 5 Years – 15 Years 600+ Apply Here
PNB HFL Upto 10 Cr 9% – 10% (Reducing per Annum) 5 – 15  Years 650+ Apply Here
Paysense Upto 10 Lacs 18% Onwards 5 years 700+ Apply Here
We Rize Upto 5 Lac 15% Onwards 3 Years 650+ Apply Here
Aditya Birla Capital Upto 50 Lac 14% Onwards 7 Years 650+ Apply Here

The Positive Aspects of Taking Out a Home Renovation Loan

A home improvement loan has multiple benefits, a few of which are mentioned below:

1. Balance Transfer Option: Have you recently applied for a home remodelling loan that matches your demands but later realized that a different financial institution is giving you a more advantageous deal? This is a regular situation. What would certainly be your preference if you found yourself in this situation? If you want to move all of your funds to a lender who is offering you a great deal, you will come across it straightforwardly.

2. No Demand for Security or Collateral: A home remodelling loan may give funds considerably faster since it is a no-collateral borrowing alternative. You aren’t obliged to be nervous about acquiring and losing your valuables as security, nor do you need to patiently wait for an official confirmation of your collateral papers. As a result, you will receive money more promptly.

  1. Select the Most Suitable Repayment Term: Select an option that is suitable for you. You can select the loan period that best meets your requirements based on your current financial standing from a convenient range of 24–60 months. This suggests that you may profit from lower EMIs if you choose an extended loan period or if you pay greater monthly installments and pay off your loan faster. Through the home renovation loan calculator, customers may also calculate the average monthly EMI before the renovation and plan the reimbursement schedule accordingly.
  2. Little Documentation: It requires a little documentation. To complete the online application procedure, you need to provide several documents. To guarantee a smooth loan approval, keep your documentation in order. Get clarification from the financial institution on what documentation you might be asked to provide before as well as following the renovation. Be prepared to present paperwork proving your identity, residence address, earnings, and ownership of a home. Lenders may also request documentation connected to the remodelling project.

A Few Matters to Look into Before Applying for a Home Renovation Loan

Take Out the Amount You Need

It is strongly advised that you seek a loan that is sufficient to pay for your home remodelling. You might get presented with a greater sum based on your salary and assets, but only accept funding you’re confident will pay you back with no anxiety or stress. The amount of money that you may receive is determined by the lending institution and how eligible you are. Usually, financial institutions will provide up to a particular percentage of the property’s present market value.

Check if There are Tax Benefits

Section 24(b) of the Income Tax Act may allow you to claim tax breaks on home remodelling loans. Although some criteria apply to the tax advantage, to take advantage of these benefits, you have to carefully adhere to the tax guidelines.

When you want to get a house renovation loan, check the terms and conditions of multiple financial institutions. Make sure you can repay the whole loan within the specified timeframe.


Almost everybody must consider house renovations at some point in their entire lives. In India, householders frequently consider making major modifications to their property every 6 to 7 years. Arranging a home remodelling loan has seldom been quicker and simpler because of the openly accessible details regarding the rates of interest, eligibility, and term.






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