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Home » The Game Changer Card of the Market: Know About Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card and its Features

The Game Changer Card of the Market: Know About Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card and its Features

Manhattan Credit Card

Do you find it hard to resist while shopping at your favorite store? Are you a shopaholic and spend more than you can afford? Then your credit cards are in danger of accumulating too much interest. However, there is a solution to these problems. You can try Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card that comes with an enticing offer for instant rewards, and rebates for various categories such as dining, fuel, grocery, and travel.

When it comes to finding the best credit cards, there is no denying the fact that Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card is one of the most preferred and popular cards in India. Among other credit cards offered by Standard Chartered, the Manhattan platinum credit card has become an instant hit because of its great service and offers on monetary products. Let’s talk about its benefits, features, and other details that you should know before applying for one.

Benefits of Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

  • Get quick 5% Cashback at Supermarkets

  • You get 3x the rewards when you use your credit card for all other purchases

  • With the Standard Chartered Good Life program, you can enjoy discounts and offers with your credit card.

  • Get special offers and discounts across shopping, travel, and more by using your card.

  • Get 5,000 reward points on payment of the joining fee as a joining benefit

  • Supplementary benefits of add-on credit cards for family members above the age of 18

  • An added layer of safety provided by 3D secure OTP verification

  • From the second year onwards, renewal fees will be waived if you spend over Rs.120,000 in the previous year

Features of Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

Get Add-On Cards

Liberate your family members enjoy the benefits of credit card ownership by giving them a Supplementary credit card

Contactless Safety

Get through checkout lines faster and more easily, plus never worry about losing your wallet when you go out with a contactless credit card

Safe Transactions

Now you can rest assured about the security of online transactions on your credit card with 3D secure OTP verification

Digital Payment Solutions

Enjoy the convenience of paying for your purchases quickly and securely with BharatQR, BBPS, and Samsung Pay

Online Banking

Using online banking and Standard Chartered Mobile apps, you can check your card balance, make card payments instantly and remotely, and transfer money between your cards

Kuch Bhi EMI

Now pay for your big-ticket purchases in easy monthly installments. Just convert your big spending above INR 5,000 to EMI with Kuch Bhi EMI option

360 Reward Program

Use your reward points to buy items from our new online catalog with the Standard Chartered 360° rewards program

Dail for a Loan

Apply for a credit card loan of up to INR 5,00,000. Choose the tenure that works best for you: 12 to 60 months

Easy Balance Transfer

Transfer a balance of up to INR 5,00,000 from another bank’s credit card and earn attractive interest

Outstanding to EMIs

You can convert your outstanding balance into EMIs and pay it off in easy installments without any processing fees.

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