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Standard Chartered Bank or Tata Capital Personal Loans? Let’s See Which One is the Best For You

There are times in life when we are all in need of a little additional financial help to attain our goals, deal with unexpected bills, or seek possibilities that can change our way of life. Personal loans come into play in this situation, acting as diverse financial instruments that may bridge the gap between your goals and your financial situation.

Welcome to our detailed points about Standard Chartered Bank Personal Loan and Tata Capital Personal Loan. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and understanding you need to make a smart choice that is tailored to your specific financial situation.

Standard Chartered Bank and Tata Capital are both well-known financial companies known for their dedication to customer service and expertise in finance. It’s necessary to grasp the commonalities and variations between these lenders’ services as you begin your personal loan adventure.

In this article, we’ll look at the interest rates, loan amounts, payback terms, and eligibility conditions for personal loans from Standard Chartered Bank and Tata Capital.

Here we are presenting a comparison table of the features of Standard Chartered Bank and Tata Capital Personal Loans

Standard Chartered Bank Personal Loan

Tata Capital Personal Loan

Minimum Salary 

25,000/ Month

CAT A, Existing Customer – 20000/-Per Month Govt, Cat B&C Employe -25000/- Per Month, Other – 40000/- Per Month

Rate of Interest

11.49% – 20.00% (Reducing)

10.50% – 14.25% (Reducing)

Loan Amount 

Rs1 Lac to 1 crore

Rs.75k to 25 Lac

Processing Charge

1% to 3%

1% to 3%

Loan Tenure

Up to 60 Months

Up to 72 Months





PAN India

PAN India

Applicant Age

21-55 Years

21-58 Years

Minimum Job Experience

3 Months

3 Years

Business Vintage

2 Years

3 Years

Eventually, the choice between a Standard Chartered Bank personal loan and a Tata Capital personal loan is based on your financial situation, perspectives, and aspirations. Both lenders offer competitive personal loan options, each with its own set of benefits and features.

Standard Chartered Bank, with its global presence and extensive banking services, may appeal to customers who value a long-standing financial institution. Their personal loan alternatives offer low-interest rates, flexible payback schedules, and a simple application process. Standard Chartered’s vast branch network and online services can also provide flexibility and accessibility.

Tata Capital, a well-known corporation in the Indian financial sector, distinguishes itself with its client-oriented approach and diverse loan options.

Their personal loans often include cheap interest rates and flexible repayment terms.


It’s essential to evaluate your unique needs while looking at these two lenders. Consider interest rates, loan amounts, repayment flexibility, and eligibility criteria in accordance with your financial objectives and credit background. Furthermore, consider any special characteristics or advantages that connect with your demands, such as Standard Chartered’s worldwide expansion or Tata Capital’s customer-focused strategy.

What personal loan interest rates will Standard Chartered Bank provide?

Personal loans from Standard Chartered Bank are normally offered at competitive interest rates. Rates may differ depending on your credit history and loan amount.

How much money can I borrow from Standard Chartered Bank?

The highest amount of loan you can obtain is determined by your capacity for borrowing and your financial situation. Standard Chartered Bank provides large loan amounts to suitable borrowers.

What is the repayment period for Standard Chartered Bank personal loans?

Standard Chartered Bank offers variable repayment terms, allowing you to select the term that best matches your financial situation. Loan periods are normally between one and five years.

How soon can I expect Standard Chartered Bank to approve and disburse my loan?

Standard Chartered Bank is admired for its speedy loan approvals and efficient application procedures. Disbursement times vary, but they are typically efficient.

What are the personal loan interest rates provided by Tata Capital?

Tata Capital presents competitive personal loan interest rates, with rates ranging depending on criteria such as your credit score and loan size.

What is the maximum possible loan amount offered by Tata Capital Personal Loans?

Tata Capital offers a variety of loan amounts to meet a variety of purposes. The highest amount you can borrow is determined by your eligibility criteria and financial situation.

With Tata Capital Personal Loans, may I change my loan repayment schedule?

Yes, Tata Capital frequently allows customers to customize their loan repayment schedules, giving you the freedom you need to meet your financial capabilities and choices.

How many days does Tata Capital generally take to authorize and disburse a personal loan?

 Loan disbursement periods vary, but they are usually prompt.

Is there anything special or unique about Tata Capital’s personal loans?

 Tata Capital frequently offers distinctive characteristics such as competitive interest rates, speedy approvals, and a client-focused approach to meeting particular financial demands.

Is the processing charge the same for both?

Yes, the processing charge is the same for both.

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