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Serial Number in Electoral Roll

Although many voters in our nation who have legal Election Cards opt not to cast their votes and make use of their rights, numerous others do not want to register for a voter identification Card because they believe the procedure is time-consuming and difficult. 
Although they go through the entire procedure and register on the voter list, they do not go back to have it corrected if there are any errors since they do not have all day to wait on a lengthy waiting list. Today, though, such is not the case. Using the internet, you may apply for a voter’s ID, make modifications, cancel your application, or quickly obtain a copy. All you need to do is compile the details you need to submit.

What does a voter ID serial number mean?
Every citizen in India who has registered will receive a Part Number along with a Serial Number. The voter can precisely identify their profiles with the help of these statistics. Your voter ID card’s serial number is crucial since you must have it if you wish to amend your voter Identification.
There are two techniques to check the voter roll’s serial number. The first step is to verify the voter identification of your relatives or neighbours. Your identification card’s front will have the serial number. You may look up your Part Number, Serial Number, and other voter ID-related information online in case you’ve left or lost your Voter Card.

How to Check the Identification Card’s Serial Number Online

  • Browse the official web page of the Indian Election Commission.
  • The list of states will now appear. Please choose your home state.
  • You will now be instructed to choose your district, and you may either browse for your profile using the data of your user account or the information of your district.
  • You may also use the EPIC Number or your entire name to look for your profile.
  • You will get a list of profiles that correspond to the search parameters after entering the necessary information and clicking “Proceed”.
  • Select the profile you want to use from the list. All information regarding your voter ID card, including your part number, will be available after you have visited your profile.
  • The voter identification card is available for download in PDF format, which you may print off for your records.
  • With the use of technology, we may now quickly apply for, cancel, or modify our voter identification cards.

Get your election card as soon as possible!

Komal Sharma

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