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Price of LPG Gas in Bangalore

Today’s LPG price in Bangalore

Today’s LPG Gas Price

Rs. 1105.50/ 14.2 kg

Today’s LPG Price with Subsidy

Rs. 1105.50/14.2 kg

Highest Price in FY 2023

Rs. 1105.50/ 14.2 kg in July 2023

Lowest Price in FY 2022

Rs. 952.50/ 14.2 kg in April 2022

  • A 14.2 kg cylinder of non-subsidized LPG costs Rs. 1,105.50 in Bengaluru in the time period of July 2023.
  • In March 2023, there was only Rs. 50 price rise.

Price list for LPG in Bangalore



July 2023


June 2023


May 2023


April 2023


March 2023


February 2023


January 2023


December 2022


November 2022


October 2022


September 2022


August 2022


Leading Bangalore LPG Gas Connection Providers

  • Indane Oil: One of the largest suppliers of LPG gas in India is Indane Oil. If you live in a mountainous or rural location, indane gas cylinders of 5 kg are readily accessible. You may get a 14.2-kilogram cylinder for yourself if you prefer to live in an urban area. If you want a 19-kilogram LPG cylinder for business use, Indane Oil also offers them.
  • Totalgaz: Totalgaz is one of the businesses in Bangalore that offers LPG cylinders. You may buy a gasoline cylinder weighing between 8 kg and 33 kg for business use.

One of the most well-known names in India is Hindustan Petroleum, which needs no introduction at all. Cylinders are offered by Hindustan Petroleum for both household and commercial use.

  • Bharat Petroleum: With 42 million consumers, Bharat Gas, the company’s flagship product, dominates the LPG market. Bharat Gas affirms that it operates a network of more than 6,042 distributors, 3,992 of which are located in rural areas.
My LPG tank is leaking. What is required to be done?

The very first thing you should do in the case of an LPG cylinder leak is to try opening all the doors and windows and switching off the pressure regulator. Be cautious and disconnect all of the electrical devices before leaving the house. Call your gas provider to alert the authorities about the leak. The leak will be fixed by someone.

What will I Understand by SV?

SV stands for Subscription Voucher, which includes all of the customer’s information, including the cylinders he has reserved.

What is the cost of LPG with subsidy in Bangalore?

The cost of LPG in Bangalore is subsidized at the same rate as it is in the city generally.

What is superior? CNG or LPG?

Both LPG and CNG have advantages; however, for now, CNG is the superior choice.

Has the conflict between Russia and Ukraine had an impact on LPG prices in India?

Yes, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine undoubtedly had an impact on the price of LPG in India.

In what condition is the substance in my cylinder?

Your cylinder’s contents are in a gaseous condition.

What scent does the gas in the cylinder have?

The gas has no smell. However, the fragrance you detect is there to let you know if there has been a leak.

Can I switch to a different LPG gas provider?

You may switch to a different LPG gas supplier, yes.

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