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Piramal Finance Loan Against Property Highlights 2024: How To Apply

A loan against property cannot be considered the same as a home loan. The first type of loan is secured by owned property. Whereas the second type requires funds to purchase a newly built house or property. Piramal Housing Finance provides both house loans and LAPs.

If you need a huge amount of money, the property you own may prove to be your most valuable asset. You may utilize this valuable asset to get financial assistance and more effectively handle your financial affairs. Interest rates are much lower than those offered by other financial institutions in the industry. This allows consumers to receive a loan at an inexpensive EMI.

Piramal Loan Against Property: Key Highlights

Piramal Finance offers a loan against property with the following key advantages:

  • Home loans are issued against residential as well as commercial properties.
  • A home loan is additionally eligible to purchase a previously owned property.
  • A house loan of up to 90% of the present-day market price of the property in question is available.
  • The amount borrowed can fall between Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 4 crore.
  • The highest loan repayment term given is 15 years.
  • Loans against property applications can be submitted either independently or jointly.
  • Individuals can bring together earnings from their closest immediate relatives when making an application.
  • Rates of interest begin at 9.75% annually.
  • Individuals with no proof of income can apply for this loan.

Piramal Finance Loan Against Property Highlights 2024

Location70 Km from Branch
CIBIL Score630+
ApplicantAny Salaried or Self-Employed Person
Applicant Age25 Year – 60 Year (Salaried), 70 Year (Self-Employed)
Loan Amount & Tenure₹10 Lac to ₹4 Cr (5 years to 15 years)
Login Fees₹2359
Rate of Interest & Type9.75%to 15% and SENP would be started at 11% & 12 to 15(T&C)
Processing FeesPhysical
Foreclosure Charges2% – 4%
Insurance1% – 4%
Minimum Business Vintage3 Years
Lock-In Period12 Months
Part Payment AllowedYes
ProductBT + Top Up, Fresh LAP, LRD
FOIR70% of Salary<br>If applicant receives Cash Salary, Max 50K considered
Accepted Collateral
  • Funding in regularized colonies.
  • Provisional regularized colonies.
  • Without map property.
  • Multiple unit properties in delhi and NCR ( Up G + 3 floor units on each floor)
  • Unapproved areas property where registry are available.
  • 3rd floor accepted with minimum area 30 Sq Yards.
  • Lal dora Extension Property.
  • Khasra Properties.
  • Properties falling in MCD demolition/ unauthorized
  • construction list.
  • All Delhi NCR property Accepted.
  • Builder floor Accepted.
  • G+ 3rd floor Accepted
Funded Property(i) Residential

(ii) Commercial

(iii) Industrial

(iv) Plot

(v) Hotel & Restaurant

Eligibility to Apply for Piramal Finance Loan Against Property

  • The candidate may be an employed or self-employed person.
  • When applying for a loan, the applicant can present proof of income to any blood relative or immediate family member.
  • The Income proof of siblings also can be presented if the property is co-owned by the siblings.
  • Non-income proof Individuals can also apply for this loan.
  • Individuals with rental earnings can apply for this loan.
  • Individuals with a cash salary can apply for this loan.

Required Documents to Apply for Piramal Finance Loan Against Property

Document TypeSalaried IndividualsSelf-Employed Individuals
KYC of Applicant & Co-ApplicantRequiredRequired
Last 3 Month Salary Slip of ApplicantRequiredNot applicable
Last 12 month’s Bank Statement of the Applicant & Co-ApplicantRequiredRequired
Last 3 year ITR with computation of income of Applicant & Co-ApplicantRequiredRequired
Last 2 Year Form 16 of ApplicantRequired if availableNot applicable
26AS of last 2 year of Applicant & Co-ApplicantRequiredRequired
Appointment letter of Applicant (if available)Required if availableNot applicable
Agreement to Sale (if purchase case)Required if applicableRequired if purchase case
Property Paper with complete chain of last 13 yearsRequiredRequired
LOD (List of documents), Foreclosure Statement & SOA (Statement of account) if BT caseRequiredRequired
Sanction letter of all running loanRequiredRequired
Latest utility Bill (owned residence) or rent agreement (if rented)RequiredRequired
2 Reference with contact detailsRequiredRequired
Last 3 year ITR with computation of income of Applicant & Co-ApplicantNot applicableRequired
Last 3 year audited balance sheet of ApplicantNot applicableRequired
Last 3 year Tax audit report of ApplicantNot applicableRequired
Copy of GST registrationNot applicableRequired
Copy of MSME registrationNot applicableRequired
Copy of Last 12 month GST returnNot applicableRequired
Debt SheetNot applicableRequired
Latest utility Bill of Office (if owned) or rent agreement (if rented)Not applicableRequired
Last 3 years Debtors & Creditors on letterheadNot applicableRequired
List of Directors & Shareholders (if Company) or List of Partners (if Partnership firm/LLP)Not applicableRequired

How to Apply For a Piramal Finance Loan Against Property?

If you’re looking for a loan against your property, follow the instructions below:

  • Open
  • Navigate to the “Loan” option.
  • Click on the “Loan Against Property” option.
  • Select Piramal Loan Against Property.
  • If you’re an existing client, complete the form. New people must first register before submitting their application form.
  • Enter your name, phone number and email ID for OTP authentication.
  • Bring in your earnings and KYC information.
  • Choose your loan size.
  • Attach all relevant papers.
  • Send your application form.
  • Wait for a response from Refer Loan’s Team.

How to Reach Piramal Housing Finance?

If you have any question or doubt in your mind, you can contact Piramal Finance by calling them at 1800 266 6444 or send them an Email at

What are Foreclosure and Part Payment Charges?

Loan foreclosures require the complete return of the remaining balance on the loan in one go rather than across several EMIs. If you want to foreclose your loan, financial and banking organizations will ask for a small rate of interest on the entire principal sum.

When you have excess finances, you may also opt for partial prepayment options. In that manner, you can opt to pay off a certain amount of the remaining debt while lowering your monthly payments and loan duration.

Bottom Line

You may effortlessly apply for a Piramal loan against property through the simple digital application process. For setting up small-scale businesses, there is always a chance of using an LAP to address concerns, including cash flow, operating expenditures, goods in stock, and operational expenses. Applicants can raise funds to cover a variety of demands by using any sort of property, whether residential, industrial, or business-oriented.

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