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LPG Gas Price in Noida

Today’s LPG price in Noida

Today’s LPG Gas Price

Rs. 1100.50/ 14.2 kg

Today’s LPG Price with Subsidy

Rs. 1100.50 /14.2 kg

Highest Price in FY 2023

Rs. 1100.50/ 14.2 kg in July 2023

Lowest Price in FY 2022

Rs. 947.50/ 14.2 kg in April 2022

  • In this month of July 2023, LPG costs in Noida are Rs. 1,100.50.
  • During the month of March 2023, the price increased by Rs. 50.
  • At the beginning of each month, the Indian government changes the price of petrol.

LPG Price List for FY 2023 in Noida



July 2023


June 2023


May 2023


April 2023


March 2023


February 2023


January 2023


December 2022


November 2022


October 2022


September 2022


August 2022


Leading Noida LPG Gas Connection Providers

  • Bharat Petroleum: One of the biggest providers of LPG cylinders in Noida is Bharat Petroleum, whose signature product is Bharat Gas. It claims to have around 42 million subscribers in India, which has aided in its dominance of the country’s LPG market. Over 6,042 suppliers, including 3,992 in rural areas, make up the network of Bharat Gas.
  • Indane Gas: Among the most well-known LPG suppliers in India is Indane Gas. A 5-kilogram cylinder is given to you by the firm if you live in a mountainous or rural location. Similarly, if you live in an urban location, you can apply for a 14.2-kilogram cylinder.

In the case that you own a restaurant or other type of business, you may also get a 19-kilogram cylinder.

  • Hindustan Petroleum: One of India’s major LPG suppliers is Hindustan Petroleum. A Hindustan Petroleum cylinder can be requested for residential or business use. Depending on your needs and where you live, you may choose LPG cylinders of various weights from other LPG suppliers as well.
Does the Indian government still provide LPG gas subsidies?

LPG gasoline cannot currently be subsidized.

Will LPG prices increase in the upcoming month?

It is challenging to predict whether or not the cost of LPG will increase. The government determined whether to increase, decrease, or maintain the price of LPG based on a number of criteria.

Is biogas a superior substitute for LPG?

Yes, biogas may be preferable to LPG when considering the environment’s health

Is CNG superior to LPG?

CNG might be viewed as a superior choice to LPG when considering its components.

Can I switch my LPG provider?

If you are not satisfied with your current LPG supplier, you can change them.

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