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LPG Cylinder Price in New Delhi

Today’s LPG Price in New Delhi

Non- Subsidised Gas Cylinder Price Today

Rs. 1103.00

With Subsidy Price Today

Rs. 1103.00

In the Fiscal Year 2023 – Highest Price

Rs. 1103.00 in July 2023

In the Fiscal Year 2022 – Lowest Price

Rs. 949.50 in April 2022

  • Throughout the month of July 2023, gas prices in New Delhi will be Rs. 1103.000 (14.2 kg).
  • The cost of LPG increased by Rs. 50.00 in March 2023.
  • The cost of crude is what determines the price of gas in India.

LPG Price Changes (Non-Subsidized) in New Delhi



July 2023


June 2023


May 2023


April 2023


March 2023


February 2023


January 2023


December 2022


November 2022


October 2022


September 2022


August 2022


New Delhi’s Leading LPG Gas Connection Services

  • Millions of people in India receive LPG cylinders from HP Gas, which is owned and operated by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited. HP Gas offers inspections for distribution and bottling. Health and safety are HP Gas’s primary concerns.

  • One of the most well-known LPG brands globally is Indane Gas, which is operated by Indian Oil. Almost a billion households currently have gas cylinders from Indane Gas. The business is renowned for offering LPG cylinders that are trustworthy and secure.
What is the cost of LPG with a subsidy in Delhi?

The cost of LPG in Delhi is subsidized at the same rate as it is in the city generally.

How can I connect my bank account to my LPG ID?

You may link your LPG ID to your bank’s account by logging onto your Internet banking account if this option is available. You must finish the procedure of linking your Aadhaar if you haven’t already. After that is done, you must present your LPG ID to finish linking it to the account you have with the bank.

Where can I find my 17-digit LPG ID?

Visit the website of the LPG provider, where under ‘Quick Search, you may locate your 17-digit LPG ID.

In India, who sets the LPG price?

The Central Government of India sets the price of LPG.

What variables go into determining LPG pricing?

The cost of LPG is affected by a number of variables, including the price of crude oil globally and the rupee’s conversion rate to the US dollar. Politics, both domestic and foreign, can occasionally affect the cost of LPG in India.

Has the conflict between Russia and Ukraine had an impact on LPG prices in India?

Yes, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine undoubtedly had an impact on the price of LPG in India.

Will an LPG cylinder blow up if left in the sun?

No, if maintained in the sunshine, the LPG cylinder won’t blow up.

My LPG tank is dripping. What do I need to do?

If your LPG cylinder has begun to leak, open all of your windows and doors and switch off the regulator for your cooking burner. Shut off all of the electrical devices and leave the house. Call your gas provider to alert the authorities about the leak. The leak will be fixed by someone.

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