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Loan for Shopkeepers 2024: Apply Now Even with No Financial Documents

A small loan for shopkeepers serves as one of the best ways for them to secure additional capital. As a shop owner, you’ll find it an inspiration and a source of confidence to watch your business grow as you had hoped. Refer Loan connects with finance partners who provide term loans to shopkeepers, allowing them to expand their local retail businesses.

A great number of common lending organizations offer secured loans for businesses to merchants and ask the applicant to submit specific documents. Such circumstances render it highly challenging for merchants to receive loans, primarily because they cannot arrange documentation or present security. In that instance, their application for retail store business financing is rejected. In these instances, Refer Loan comes to the assistance of retailers by arranging financial assistance for departmental retailers.

Several factors influence your shop’s performance, including the management of inventory, volume of sales analysis, workforce management, and fresh product development. To guarantee your business’s success, you must keep track of several financial objectives. In such instances, a business loan tailored exclusively for shopkeepers may be beneficial.

The Highlights and Advantages of Shop Loans for Shopkeepers

Here are various aspects and advantages of taking out a loan for a shop’s growth, including:

  1. Business Growth

Whenever taking out a business loan for expansion, regulated financial health entails keeping a stable financial status by selecting an attractive repayment term and a fair equated monthly installment (EMI). This methodical repayment approach enables the setting up of a budget that incorporates monthly loan repayments, resulting in a stable financial situation.

  1. Low Rates of Interest

Loans for shopkeepers have cheaper interest rates compared to other types of business financing, which can range from 14% to 35%. However, rates of interest differ according to the financial institution and the circumstances surrounding your eligibility. For your convenience, different financial institutions provide loan calculators for calculation. It might also offer you an estimate of the monthly interest rate you’ll be expected to pay.

  1. Flexibility in Repayment Terms

Together with an adaptable payback choice, you may more effectively handle your money. Whenever you’re taking out a loan to buy a retail establishment, you can ask the financial institution to provide you with a schedule of repayment that is tailored to the business’s specific requirements.

  1. Tax Relief

Choosing a financial loan to support a business helps you save money on taxes. Furthermore, if you own a small store, you may be able to economize on upfront licensing expenses.

  1. Digital Application

Refer Loan connects you with the best option of a small shop loan. All you have to do is go to the Refer Loan’s page, fill out the needed information, confirm whether you are eligible, and fill out the form. This allows you to take advantage of precious moments to track the progress of your loan request. So you have not to roam from one branch to another. You don’t have to stand in a long line to apply for a loan. Now you can apply for a loan sitting at home or at office just in a few minutes.

Have a Look at Lenders Providing Loans for Shopkeepers

LenderLoan SizeROIProcessing FeeTenureHow to Apply
HDFC Bank ( Small Vertical)1 Lac – 10 Lacs16-20%(Reducing)1%-2%12-36 (Months)Apply Here
Ayefin Business LoanUpto 3.5 Lacs28%-29.5%(Reducing)2.5%30 (Months)Apply Here
Money View Business LoanUpto 5 Lacs16% onwards2%-5%60 (Months)Apply Here
Choice Finserv Business LoanUpto 7.5 Lakhs2%48 (Months)Apply Here
Finagg Supply Chain Business Loan1 Lac – 50 Lacs18% Onwards2%Upto 3 MonthsApply Here

Check Here: Why Funding is Required to Grow a Shop

The amount of funds required for growing a store varies according to the kind of business, position, and overall dimension of the store. This is where a loan for a store purchase might help. You can use the funds from this loan to cover a variety of shop business-related costs.

However, operating a shop may necessitate more funding for a variety of reasons.

This May Include:

Licenses and Permissions

According to the type of business, you may be required to secure specific licenses and permission to operate your shop. However, you may get more details from your local taxing authorities or a certified public accountant. Keep in mind that a few things are not completely free, and you might be required to pay for them.

Insurance for businesses

You must maintain proper business insurance that will shield your store from possible risks. The expense of business insurance varies according to the kind of business you own and what coverage you select.

Shop Materials and Accessories

You will be required to either purchase or rent shop furnishings and materials, such as racks, stands, countertops, and signage. The expense of such materials varies according to the kind as well as the dimensions of the shop.


When you intend to sell things in your business, you must purchase inventory. The expense of inventory will vary depending on the category of items you are going to market.

Advertisement and Promotional Activities

You must prepare to set aside a certain amount for advertising and marketing to draw attention to your retail business. The expense of advertising and promotional activities varies according to the kind of business and its locality.

Those are just a few of the requirements for capital you must think about when opening a shop. The actual amount of funding necessary will be dependent on the nature of the business, accessibility, and size of the store.

How Can a Loan Benefit You Grow Your Shop?

A shop, like any other type of business, can be financed with the help of loans. Everything you have to do is stick to the straightforward guidelines outlined in this piece of content. Financial institutions in India are eager to finance the businesses you run, thereby contributing to the nation’s overall economic growth.

To assist you additionally, look at the following points:

  • Maintain a decent credit score.
  • In case you have any outstanding loans, ensure that you have not delayed anything on your EMIs.
  • Whenever requesting a loan, make sure to have a few of your documents handy.

How Will You Apply Online for a Loan for Your Shop?

  • Look into the many different kinds of business loans accessible to you, as well as compare rates of interest, charges, and payback durations to discover the most beneficial offer for your company.
  • Go to the official website of the financing partner:
  • Determine the amount of funds you need and for what duration of time, as this will impact what kind of loan you qualify for.
  • Specify if you’re interested in a secured or unsecured loan.
  • Compile all the evidence necessary to back up your request for financing, such as KYC documents.
  • As soon as your loan is authorized, the money will be processed and deposited into your banking account, which means you are allowed to start using it towards business objectives.

Completing these easy directions will allow you to apply with confidence for a retail establishment loan and provide your business with the necessary boost to flourish.

General Eligibility Requirements:

To be qualified for this loan, you must meet specific conditions.

  • The prospective person needs to be at least 21 years old.
  • The age of the person applying is restricted to a maximum of 65.
  • The person must be a resident citizen of India.
  • Additionally, the candidate must have specific documentation as requested by any specific lender.
  • The financial institution may even request a credit score. As a result, a credit score of at least 650 is required.

A shopkeeper loan can help merchants fulfil their current financial situation for a variety of reasons, including developing their business, fulfilling periodic funding needs, handling seasonal working capital demands, and minimizing short-term financial shortfalls. These loans are for retailers and have a huge impact on the retail business by giving financial assistance to shopkeepers.

Bottom Line

Are you in search of loans as a retailer to support your business? Do not worry! Through a referral loan, you have the opportunity to get the financing required for your business at the most competitive possible interest rate. Refer Loan connects you with providers of speedy store loans with easy requirements and terms.

Refer Loan has provided funding to over 2500 small-scale businesses. We offer shop loans in various Indian cities, including Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and more.

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