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Kotak Credit Card: A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Generate PIN for the Card

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Generating a credit card PIN is an important step in the credit card activation process for both new and existing Kotak Mahindra customers. You can keep your Kotak Mahindra Bank credit card secure using a PIN number. You must have a PIN that is simple for you to remember. While the bank will provide you with a PIN along with your new card, you can easily reset or regenerate a new PIN that you like. Also, the PIN can be reset both online and offline.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Card PIN has 6 digits, whereas the other bank credit cards have 4 digits. There are four ways to generate or modify your credit card PIN at Kotak Mahindra Bank. You can select whatever option best suits yours needs to set your credit card PIN for the first time and activate your new credit card. Moving ahead, we will discuss various ways to generate PIN for the Kotak Mahindra Credit Card. So, let’s get started with it!

Ways to generate Kotak Credit Card PIN online

On the Kotak Mahindra website, you can create a new PIN or gain access to your online banking account. Given below are the most feasible method of generating your PIN online:

  1. Generating PIN via online banking

You can generate your PIN by using the procedures below if you have a Kotak account and are registered to utilize online banking:

  • Log into your Kotak Mahindra net banking account.

  • Enter the CRN or customer ID and enter the password to log in.

  • Go to the main menu and choose “Credit Cards.”

  • Under Credit Cards, choose the “Change or Create 6-digit chip credit card/ ATM PIN” from the dropdown menu.

  • Enter the required Kotak Mahindra Credit Card Details.

  • Type or generate your new PIN and then re-enter it.

  • Click on submit to generate your new PIN quickly.

  1. Generating PIN via mobile banking

The easiest way to generate a PIN for your card is by using the Kotak Mahindra Mobile Banking application. To generate a new Kotak Mahindra PIN or regenerate an old one, you first need to download the app and register yourself there. Then follow the steps below:

  • Activate the Kotak Mahindra Mobile application.

  • Select the “Credit Cards” option from the menu.

  • Choose “Generate PIN” or “Regenerate PIN” from the list.

  • Then, you will be asked to enter your card information, including the CVV, expiration date, and others. Before submitting your request, provide all pertinent information.

  • After that, you will be prompted to select a new PIN. Generate your PIN, enter the new PIN, and then confirm.

  1. Generating PIN directly via the website

You can also generate your credit card PIN directly from the bank’s website. This can be the best choice if you haven’t signed up for net banking or mobile banking. Follow the steps below for the same:

  • Visit the Kotak Mahindra website to generate a PIN instantly.

  • Select “Credit Card”

  • Enter the complete credit card information, including the CVV and expiration date.

  • The final two fields ask for your six-digit PIN number, which you must enter.

  • To create a new PIN, enter the PIN once more and click on “Submit.”

Way to generate Kotak Credit Card PIN offline

You can create Kotak Credit Card PIN offline by two methods. One is by sending SMS CCPIN to 5676788 or 9971056767. The same will be processed in 7 working days and sent to your registered mail address.

Alternatively, you can do the same by calling their customer care. Follow the steps below for the same:

  • Dial 18602662666

  • IVR will respond to you, and you have to follow the instructions accordingly.

  • Choose your preferred language, and then press 3 to select services related to the credit card.

  • Since you are an existing cardholder, you have to press 1.

  • Now you have to provide your CRN number, customer relationship number, card number, and T-PIN.

  • Then you can generate your new 6-digit PIN number.

Remember to call from your registered mobile number to generate the PIN for the very first time.


  • The PIN can be generated for active cards only.

  • If your card is temporarily blocked, then you will have to unblock the card to initiate the regeneration of the PIN.

  • The PIN cannot be regenerated for Credit Cards that are permanently blocked.


You can instantly reset your credit card PIN through your net banking account or the instant PIN generation facility.

You can create your own PIN by logging in to your internet banking account, calling customer service, or using the rapid PIN generating option.

At this time, Kotak Mahindra does not offer an ATM-based PIN generating option for credit cards. You can make a 24*7 call to the bank’s customer service department to create or modify the PIN.

To create your PIN, you can use either way, mobile banking or the instant PIN alternatives offered on the Kotak Mahindra Bank website.

No, you must first unblock your credit card if it has been blocked for changing the PIN.

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