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Home » Is a grand wedding your dream? How will you arrange money? A personal loan can Realise your dreams!

Is a grand wedding your dream? How will you arrange money? A personal loan can Realise your dreams!

Are you counting the days until you can spend every second of your life with that one special person? Have you fixed the date as well? Have you chosen the venue too? So what’s keeping you away from arriving on that special day? Are you making arrangements for an unforgettable wedding but lack the funds to turn it into a reality?

Don’t let the financial strain be the reason for spoiling your planning. You don’t have to be anxious about meeting your wedding ambitions for the reason that personal loans for weddings have recently become available at low-interest rates. Indian culture includes perfect marriage ceremonies with delicious dishes, endless dancing, excellent arrangements, and heavy-work lehengas.

Meanwhile, all of the aforementioned items are so costly for the whole family that it seems unlikely that they would think of devoting everything they have saved to a single marriage. By using a personal loan for the couple’s marriage, this financial issue can be solved and the burden lessened. A personal loan can easily be arranged without the need for collateral.

Now, without any collateral, you can arrange up to 5 lakhs with Upward Fintech Personal Loan and Stashfin Personal Loan. So what’s the reason to worry? Now start the full arrangement to surprise your guests with a grand wedding party.

Check the features of the above-mentioned loan options

Upward Fintech Personal Loan

Stashfin Personal Loan

Minimum Salary

20000/-Per Month

15000/-Per Month

Rate of Interest

18% to 32% (Reducing)

1.5% Per month onwards

Loan Amount

Rs.25000 to 5 Lac

5000 to 5 Lakhs

Processing Charge

2% of the loan amount

Each time 2% flat for withdrawal

Loan Tenure

6 Month to 60 Month

21 Year to 60 Year





PAN India

PAN India

Applicant Age

21 Year to 55 Year

21 Year to 56 Year

Minimum Job Experience

3 Months

Not Required

Current Employer Business Vintage

3 Month Salary credit in ac

Not Required

Part Payment Allowed



Hurry up! Don’t waste more time. Let your dream come true. Let the person come closer to you. Don’t let him wait any longer for you. Start to achieve your couple goals together with a personal loan.


A number of banking institutions and NBFCs offer personal loans as financial assistance for multiple purposes. All you need to do is investigate each of the issuers’ services and select the best one from the many that are available.

Grand weddings are everyone’s realm of fantasy. Regardless of your financial situation, you have no reason to hesitate to plan a memorable wedding ceremony for yourself. Then you may pick the ideal personal loan for you from the options above based on your ability to repay.

Who is eligible for an Upward’s personal loan?

Upwards offers personal loans to all employed individuals that match the lending institution’s personal loan eligibility standards.

What is the highest and lowest sum of money available on a personal loan?

You can get a personal loan for as little as Rs. 20,000 or as much as Rs. 5 lakh.

What are the term choices for an Upward’s personal loan?

You are able to pay back your Upward’s personal loan over a suitable time period ranging from 12 to 60 months.

How do I reach Upward Support for assistance?

You can reach them at 1860-267-4777.
You can also contact them by email at

How long will Upward take to issue personal loans?

It can take a maximum of forty-eight hours to decide whether to accept or reject a personal loan application, and it can take another three to five business days to release the loan sum.

When can I expect to receive my loan?

StashFin will approve the loan you are applying for and transfer the funds into the account you specify within 4 hours of receiving the completed application.

What rate of interest will I have to cover if I add money to my Stashfin Credit Line Card?

The corporation will determine your interest rate based on the history of your credit. Furthermore, only the credit that you use becomes subject to interest rates. Simply putting money on your card does not incur interest.

Has StashFin been registered with the RBI?

Akara Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd., an RBI-licenced NBFC established within the Indian Companies Act, operates StashFin.

What is the lowest possible personal loan amount here?

You can get a personal loan from StashFin for as little as Rs. 1,000.

What is the procedure for repaying my StashFin loan?

The amount of money received from StashFin is able to be reimbursed in equal monthly installments (EMIs) by using electronic payments over a period of up to three years.

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