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Indifi Business Loan 2024: A Good Option for Business Owners Without ITR

Non-banking finance Organisations (NBFCs) are swiftly growing into the preferred alternative for obtaining swift and seamless financing, particularly among the SME and MSME sectors. NBFCs provide comparatively straightforward loans with little to no documentation, ensuring that firms do not spend precious hours negotiating for financing instead of working on their business activities.

Indifi belongs to one such NBFC that offers financing options to the SME sector without ITR. It provides financial help to small and medium-sized businesses for a variety of operational needs, including working capital, infrastructure expansion, the manufacture of goods, and lots more.

Indifi provides a variety of business loans to small firms, including term loans, lines of credit or overdraft facilities, working capital loans, and more. Some lenders do not offer business loans without ITR, but if you choose Idifi as your partner, you will receive business loans without ITR.

Indifi Business Loan Highlights 2024

Business Vintage1 year
Property TypeBoth Sides Rented, Resi Cum Office
ProfileM – Profile
Minimum Turnover20 Lacs
LocationPan India
CIBIL Score0, 700+ & -1
Co-ApplicantNot Mandatory
Industries CoveredManufacturing, Trading, Service
Loan AmountUp to 30 lakh
ROI (Reducing)18% to 32%
ProcessCompletely ONLINE PROCESS
Turnaround Time (TAT)2 Days
Age RangeMin 23, Max 65
Mandatory DocumentGST certificate


  • You can borrow up to Rs. 50 lakh for business purposes.
  • Business people can get Rs. 10 lakhs without income documents on 1-year business vintage.
  • Loans are sanctioned using a customized and segmented method.
  • A quick and easy loan process with minimum documents and no collateral.
  • To increase your probability of approval, submit a single application to various lending institutions.
  • Certain loan offers to fit certain business needs.
  • Open and customizable approach with adjustable repayment and lending terms.
  • There are no hidden charges.

When is it the Most Beneficial Choice to Ask for a Business Loan?

There are a few scenarios in which you would need to borrow funds to fuel your firm’s activity. You may apply for a business loan in scenarios like:

  • The company plan is strong.
  • You can imagine the influx of funds.
  • Returns on capital are greater than the loan interest cost.

Required Documents to Apply For INDIFI BUSINESS LOAN

Documents RequiredDetails
KYC of applicant & Co-ApplicantIdentification documents of applicant and co-applicant
Last 3-year audited balance sheet of the applicantAudited balance sheet for the last 3 years
Last 3 year’s Tax audit report of the applicantTax audit reports for the last 3 years
Last 12-month Bank Statement of applicant & co-applicantBank statements for the last 12 months
26AS of last 2 years of applicant & co-applicantForm 26AS for the last 2 years
Copy of GST registrationCertificate of Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration
Copy of MSME registrationCertificate of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) registration
Copy of Last 12 month’s GST returnGoods and Services Tax (GST) returns for the last 12 months
Sanction letter of all running loanLetters indicating approval of all existing loans
Debt SheetDetails of existing debts
Latest utility Bill of residence if owned or rent agreement if rentedUtility bill or rent agreement for residence
Latest utility Bill of Office if owned or rent agreement if rentedUtility bill or rent agreement for office
2 Reference with contact detailsReferences with contact information
Last 3 years Debtors & Creditors on letterheadDetails of debtors and creditors on official letterhead
List of Directors & Shareholders, if the applicant is a Company or List of Partners if the applicant is a Partnership firm/LLPDetails of directors/shareholders or partners

How to Apply For INDIFI Business Loan?

  • Open
  • Navigate to the “loan” option.
  • Select the “Business Loan” Option.
  • Select the “Indifi Business Loan.”
  • If you’re an existing client, fill up the given form. New people must first register before submitting their application form.
  • Enter all of the information along with the mobile phone or email ID for OTP authentication.
  • Bring in your earnings and KYC information.
  • Choose your loan size.
  • Attach all relevant documents.
  • Send your application form.
  • Wait for the response from Refer Loan’s Team.

Why Is a Business Loan the Best Solution for Business Funding?

If you want the funds, you have to increase in value; you have to use them. This is particularly applicable to businesses. When the other activities of the business are efficiently handled, adding capital may be beneficial to its expansion. Still, timeliness and operational effectiveness in getting and using funds are crucial.

One of the easiest methods to raise funds for your business is to take out a business loan. Loans are also a more effective option for raising capital for a prosperous business than capital invested in shares because they allow for greater flexibility.

You benefit from the rate of return that exceeds the cost of interest you pay on the borrowed funds. As a business owner, you shouldn’t be afraid to take out loans because they can help expand your business.

How do you reach Indifi’s Customer Care for Business Loan Info?

Indifi’s customer service is easily accessible if you have any questions or need information about their loan options.

  • Phone Number: 7289904934
  • Email: (for existing clients)

Customers who have any complaints about Indifi’s products may reach their Relationship Manager or the Customer Support Officer at the following email address:

Bottom Line

Based on the extensive list of documents required for unsecured business loans from Indifi, it is clear that the company places great emphasis on due diligence and comprehensive risk assessment before offering loans to businesses. By requesting documents such as KYC reports, financial statements, bank statements, and legal registration, Indifi aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the borrower’s financial health, solvency, and regulations.

Open the door to your business growth potential with Indifi Business Loans! Indifi’s comprehensive approach to lending ensures that your journey to success is supported by a sound foundation of financial stability and a strategic mindset.

Gather the necessary documents to demonstrate your business’s strengths and capabilities before embarking on this transformational journey.

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