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ICICI Bank Credit Card Net Banking

Modern-day lifestyle demands time efficiency. Consumers tend to prefer a hassle-free experience, one that allows them to choose the channel and product that suits their needs best. Banking is not an exemption to this rule, rather it is following the rules. The way people use to pay credit card bills has changed radically. Today everyone prefers paying their credit card dues online as it takes the least time and effort. So, ICICI Bank has taken a step in this direction by providing internet banking facilities for users who have ICICI Credit Cards as well as for those who do not. This advantage-added bank has created a unique user ID for every cardholder which can be used for various purposes like obtaining a user ID and password for net banking services or downloading card statements from the internet banking portal of ICICI Bank etc. Credit cards are something that has become a part of people’s lives in no time and more than a need it has become a necessity. Marking another revolutionary in the financial field, accessing a credit card has become even easier with the arrival of Credit Card Net Banking. If you want to know how you can generate your user ID or password and how you can register your credit card for ICICI net banking services, keep reading further. 

Registration Process for ICICI Credit Card Net Banking

 When you open a bank account with ICICI, a welcome kit is sent to you. It includes your user ID, password, and other important details. Use the given login credentials to log in to your net banking account and change the password for security purposes. If you forget the user ID or password, then you can generate both by logging in to the ICICI Bank online portal. Below mentioned are the various ways through which you can register your credit card for net banking: 

  • Through ICICI Bank’s official website
  • By reaching out to customer care
  • By visiting your nearest bank branch

How to Register Through ICICI’s Official Website

Step 1: Visit the ICICI Bank website, now scroll down and click where you find ‘Explore Digital Banking’.

Step 2: After this, you will be redirected to a new page. Click on the ‘Get User ID’ option

Step 3: Now select the ‘Credit Card’ option and fill in your credit card number & registered mobile number.

Step 4: Move further and later to the successful completion of the application process, your User ID will be sent to you through an SMS to your bank registered mobile number. 

How to Register Through Customer Care

Even if you have not kept your registered mobile number with you at the time of applying for the ICICI Bank Credit Card, it would be very easy for you to use your ICICI bank credit card. You may contact the ICICI Bank Credit Card customer care and provide them with your application reference number, and your registered mobile number and ask to receive details regarding internet banking such as user ID and password. You can also ask them how you can log in or how you will access your internet banking account. 

How to Register by Visiting the Nearest Bank Branch

There are several methods to register for an ICICI internet banking account. You can also visit your nearest bank branch in person and ask the bank officials to provide you with your internet banking account credentials or fill in the physical application form for internet banking registration. However, you should try and open up an online account first. This way, you won’t have to go through a lot of hassle as you will just have to take a few minutes out of your busy day to fill out the internet banking registration form.

How to Login to ICICI Credit Card Net Banking

Now when you have successfully created your credit card net banking account and you have the user ID and password, you can easily log in for the net banking services by following these simple steps: 

  • Visit the official website of ICICI.
  • Scroll down on the screen and click on the “Explore Digital Banking” option.
  • Now, click on ‘Login Now.’
  • Now you can easily log in to your net banking account either by entering your User ID or by submitting your registered mobile number.

What are the Facilities by ICICI Credit Card Net Banking

  • You can request an E-statements and receive them over your Email
  • You can easily check all your Credit Card Details such as the statement, payment due dates, etc.
  • If you want a Credit Card Upgrade for better benefits and rewards, you can simply apply for it through your net banking account.
  • You can also check your Last 30 Days Transactions history
  • Check your Reward Points Summary and how to avail them
  • You can execute your Reward Redemption through your net banking account
  • After your net banking login, you can look for the Bill Payment option can get done with your credit card payments
  • Manage your Credit Card limits and different payment modes through the net banking account


If you have forgotten your user ID or password you can easily regenerate it through these simple steps: 

  • Contact the ICICI customer care via call and select your preferred language.
  • Choose the preferred option for ‘credit cards.’
  • Now you will be asked to enter your credit card number and four-digit PIN to proceed further.
  • Select the right option for ‘Self Banking.’
  • Select the right option to get/reset your user ID and password.

To make a payment to your credit card, log in to your Internet Banking account. Under the section “Cards & Loans,” go to “Credit Cards.” Choose your credit card and find an option to pay your bill. Select the payment method and pay the bill. There are other useful functions that you can access via internet banking.

You can register your mobile number with the bank by visiting your nearest ICICI branch ATM. First, you will have to insert your card and then enter your PIN number following which you will have to select the register mobile number option. After that, you will just have to enter the number you are willing to register and you are done. 

No, you won’t have to pay any extra charges to pay bills through your net banking account. 

Yes, after logging in you can select the “ credit card” option and click on the “manage limits” option to proceed further. 


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