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Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is sold under the brand name HP Gas in India. Operated by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), a state-owned oil and gas business in India, it is one of the top LPG brands in the nation. Consumers in India’s domiciles, businesses, and industries can purchase LPG cylinders from HP Gas.
The division of HPCL that provides LPG is called HP Gas. In the nation, there are 44 HP Gas plants. The combined annual capacity of these units is 3610,000 metric tonnes. From the gas’s bottling through its distribution, every step is carefully inspected.

How to Request an HP Gas New Connection Using an Offline Credit Score System
A consumer can register for a new connection by going straight to an HP gas centre in their neighbourhood and giving the necessary paperwork to the HP gas distributor.
The consumer must pick up a KYC Form from the HP gas centre, print it off, and properly fill it out with the necessary information.

Online HP Gas Method
The instructions listed below should be followed to register for HP gas online:

  • To register for a new connection, click the HP Gas registration portal. This will direct you to the web page where you can register for a completely new HP gas connection.
  • Keep your photo identification and address evidence on hand after clicking the link and accessing the HP Gas new registration website.
  • You may also choose to register using an e-KYC tool. By using this process, you may register for a new connection without needing to bring a document proving your address and identity.
  • Your present phone number should be connected to your Aadhar card in order to register using e-KYC.
  • When you have gathered all the necessary papers, submit them online by clicking the submit button.
  • You will be given a reference number when the application has been submitted successfully, which you may use to check on the progress of the application.
  • The fees HP charges for a new connection must be paid in the following step: Paying the fees is possible through Internet banking, using a debit card, or a credit card.
  • Insert the full name of your HP gas supplier after making the transaction.

HP Gas New Connection Documents: Mandatory:

Address Proofs

  • Utility Bill (Electricity, Water, or Landline Phone)
  • Ration Card
  • Rental/Lease Agreement Certificate of Registration for a House
  • Employer’s Certificate
  • Voter ID
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Bank passbook, etc.

Identity Documents:

  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID
  • Aadhaar card
  • Driver’s licence
  • An ID issued by the federal or state governments
  • A bank passbook with a photo.

You will receive a new connection in less than seven days after the entire procedure is completed.

List of HP Gas Connection Forms
Booking an HP gas connection may be done offline or online by submitting the required paperwork. Everyone can get subsidies, and many people from higher socioeconomic levels responded to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal and willingly gave up their subsidies so that others who needed them more urgently might receive them. In order to get an HP gas connection, customers may choose from a variety of forms. The appropriate paperwork can be collected according to the applicant’s needs.
These forms consist of the Ujjwala KYC Application Form, which is designed for people getting their first HP Gas connection; the Ujjwala KYC Form for getting a loan if they can’t afford an LPG connection; the Simplified KYC Documents for people who don’t have KYC documents; and so on.

How can I find a distributor of HP Gas?
Follow the instructions below to find your HP gas distributor:

  • Check the distributor website for HP Gas.
  • Next, enter if the SBU is a retail or LPG product.
  • Enter your home state after selecting the SBU category.
  • Next, go to the district where you live.
  • A consumer’s checkbox’s last choice should be set to “all.”

You can search for your HP gas distributor by entering the information listed above.

Your HP Gas Connection Transfers
Connection transfer is the process of switching to a different supplier for an HP gas connection. This happens when a customer moves to a new address, either within the same city or to an entirely different town or state, depending on the circumstances. You may complete this offline, that is, offline in person and online.

Online Transfer Process for HP Gas
Nowadays, everyone prefers online transactions for gas connections since going to the office, waiting around, and taking care of the necessary are rather time-consuming.

Check out the instructions listed below for transferring your LPG gas connection online if you are already a client of HP.

  • Visit the home page of your authorized HP Gas portal.
  • On the homepage of the HP Gas internet portal, drop the list from the Quick Link column.
  • Select your individual HP Gas Customer Zone from the dropdown list.
  • You’ll be directed to a new page with two options—one for existing members and the other for individuals who are not members.
  • Since you are an established member, all you need to do is log into your HP gas account, complete the necessary transfer application form, and provide it.
  • Non-Members can also fix their problem by requesting to be listed initially. You just need to click once to do this, and you can follow the guidance right now or later.
  • The process of joining up is really easy, and you can use the same account for a variety of purposes, including filing complaints, paying for cylinder refills, and several other activities. You can choose a certain form, complete it correctly, and submit it.

Transfer Process of HP Gas Offline

  • If you are uncomfortable with the online transfer method, you may speak with your supplier personally about the HP Gas offline transfer option.
  • You will be informed by the supplier of the necessary procedures and rules. To get a connection transferred, a properly filled-out form and paperwork are required.

Transferring Your HP LPG Gas Connection Both Within and Outside of the City

  • How to Change an HP Gas Connection in the Same City: You will receive an e-CTA (Consumer Transfer Advice) after your distributor receives your connection shift form. This is a piece of agreement used to create your subscription voucher (SV); therefore, keep it safe. Keep in mind that this is only effective for 90 days. Your previous regulator and cylinder are yours to continue using.
  • Transferring an HP Gas Connection Outside the City: When you submit your transfer application form, you will be provided with a termination voucher (TV). However, before moving, you have to surrender your regulator as well as the cylinder. However, you will receive your money back.

You must surrender your existing Domestic Consumer Gas Card (Book) in order to sign up with the latest service provider. Once all requirements have been met, the new SV will be connected to your gas line once again.

Refill cylinder booking At all times
The cities’ numbers are as follows:

StateContact Number
Delhi & NCR99909 23456
Bihar & Jharkhand95071 23456
Andhra Pradesh96660 23456
Gujarat98244 23456
Haryana98129 23456
Jammu & Kashmir90860 23456
Himachal Pradesh98820 23456
Kerala99610 23456
Karnataka99640 23456
Tamil Nadu90922 23456
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh96690 23456
Maharashtra & Goa88888 23456
Punjab98556 23456
Rajasthan78910 23456
Uttar Pradesh98896 23456
Uttar Pradesh (W)81919 23456
Puducherry90922 23456
Odisha90909 23456
West Bengal90888 23456

Customer Complaint or Feedback Service for HP Gas
If you are a client of HP Gas and you have any issues or concerns about the HP Gas connection you own, you may submit a complaint using the HP Gas Complaint/Feedback System. The data that needs to be entered is:

  • If you use HP gas, that is the primary detail a consumer has to fill out.
  • Input the HP gas or LPG ID after that.
  • Indicate your home state here.
  • Enter the state where you live.
  • Choose a distributor for HP gas.
  • Once the distributor has been chosen, submit the consumer number.
  • Next, specify the kind of comment or complaint you wish to make.
  • Declaring whether the complaint you are bringing is a PAHAL (DBTL) issue or an additional issue.

Tips for Consumers of HP Gas for Safety
Before you start using HP gas, it is crucial to be fully aware of all safety precautions. The following safety recommendations are for HP gas consumers:

Rubber tubing: The following safety advice should be remembered when handling the cylinder’s rubber tubing:

  • The rubber tubing needs to be ISI-grade.
  • The rubber tubing needs to be as short as possible. It may stretch to a maximum length of 1.5 metres.
  • It should be simple to examine the rubber tube.
  • The whole length of the nozzle should be covered by the rubber tubing. The customer is able to do this by pushing it.
  • Both twisting and heating by the burner are not permitted with the rubber tube.
  • Soap shouldn’t be used to clean it. Only a fresh, damp cloth should be used.
  • An old rubber tube gets holes sometimes, splits, and has porosity at the ends of the tube. Every two years, the rubber tubing should be changed.
  • Absolutely nothing should be placed over the rubber tube.

One of the most critical pieces of apparatus in a cylinder is the pressure regulator. It controls gas pressure and continuously supplies it to the hotplate. The following are some scenarios that may arise while utilising a pressure regulator and the actions to be taken to address them:


Is it possible for a single household to have many HP gas connections?

No, a single residence is not permitted to have more than one HP gas connection.

Can a client of HP Gas have a PNG and LPG connection simultaneously?

A client may, in fact, have both a PNG and an LPG connection with HP Gas all at once, but the costs will be charged at the non-subsidised rate.

Is it necessary for the client to purchase additional equipment from HP Gas, especially a hot plate?

No, the consumer is required to purchase additional equipment from HP Gas, such as a hot plate. The additional equipment can be purchased from any BIS-certified source by the customer.

How can a consumer find the closest HPCL station to them?

A consumer can use the link to identify the closest HPCL facility to them.

Customers who purchase an HP gas connection are given insurance.

Consumers receive insurance for any losses caused by accidents involving HP gas equipment. Additionally, HPCL is covered by public liability insurance.

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