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HP Gas Connection Transfer

A consumer could desire to move the HP gas connection for a variety of reasons. The transfer of HP gas may be required due to the owner’s passing or for other factors. Users of HP are able to use the connection transfer feature. The procedure is simple to follow and straightforward.

Transferring an HP Gas Connection
The steps below should be followed if you’re transferring your home within the same city and presently have a valid LPG connection:

  • Fill completely the Transfer Form and provide it to your distributor together with your customer id and Subscription Voucher (SV).
  • Communicate with the distributor that you are moving and need the place of residence and KYC to be updated by submitting the Transfer Form and customer number.
  • Once you’ve moved, take the electronic Consumer Transfer Advice (e-CTA) from the supplier to the new HP Gas supplier, who will either update your SV or issue an alternative one as the situation changes.
  • It’s necessary to note that whenever you aren’t relocating between cities, you are able to maintain your existing LPG cylinder as well as the pressure regulator and re-use the exact same at the fresh distributor.

You can keep refilling the same cylinder at the same place if your existing distributor updates your address information in their KYC documentation and can still serve the location of the new address you have provided.

HP Gas Connection Transfer to a New City

The steps listed below should be followed if you are moving to a city other than the one for which you have been registered for an HP Gas connection but are already residing there:

  • Bring your SV, DGCC Booklet, empty LPG cylinder, pressure regulator, and completed transfer form to your local HP Gas dealer.
  • Present all of them to the distributor, who will then issue you a Termination Voucher (TV) that’s valid for one year in exchange for the cylinder as well as the pressure regulator security payment.
  • As soon as you move, deliver the TV and the DGCC Brochure to the new supplier in the city where you reside and turn them in.
  • The supplier will subsequently modify the customer number and provide a new SV.
  • Following payment of the security deposit and registration, the supplier will provide a new LPG cylinder along with the pressure regulator.

Transferring an LPG Connection: Individual LPG connections may be relocated for any of the following five valid reasons:

In the following circumstances, the government has permitted LPG users to switch their LPG connections:

  • Transferring a Gas Connection to a Family Person: Someone in the family is defined as either a father, mother, son, daughter, brother, or sister for LPG transfer purposes.
  • The HP Gas distributorship must receive verification of identity and address for the Transferor as well as the transferee at the time of transfer.
  • The Distributor must receive a completed and properly signed declaration document from both the Transferor and the Transferee.

Transferring a Gas Connection to Someone Not a Family Member: The holder of a legal LPG connection who has the necessary KYC paperwork in order may transfer the connection to someone not connected to them (i.e., not their father, mother, brother, sister, son, or daughter). For the distributor’s documentation and to ensure the transaction’s legal status, an ID proof along with the address proof documentation for the Transferor and the Transferee must also be supplied at the point when the connection is transferred. The declaration form needs to be signed by both the Transferor and the Transferee.

Transferring of Connections without the Transferor’s Approval: If someone has a Subscription Voucher and apparatus from a certain distributor, although for whatever reason they are unable to get a letter of approval from the Transferor, the connections can still be transferred.The Transferee needs to just complete and properly sign the declaration form and provide the needed identification and proof of address.

Changing of the Connections Due to the Connection Holder’s Death: The connection can be transferred to the next of kin or legal heir in the event that the LPG connection owner passes away. A death certificate of the originally enrolled LPG customer and the KYC documentation of the legal heir or next of kin must be provided to the distributors in order to pass on the connection for these reasons.

LPG Connection Regularisation: If the LPG connection had previously been maintained without a Subscription Voucher, this is the procedure to follow. In this situation, a procedure that will regularise the LPG connection must be followed.Along with identification and proof of address documents, a properly completed declaration form and a set of documentation for KYC must be completed and put forward.

Portable HP Gas Connection
To ensure that distributors and businesses deliver the best level of service to their clients, the government has attempted to make it possible for consumers to switch between the oil firms that supply them with LPG cylinders and supplies.

As the tooling may not be compatible with that of another firm, a form to that effect must be completed and submitted with any supplies that the previous employer sent.

Log on to the HP Gas portability site at to start the portability procedure from HP Gas to another supplier, such as Bharat Gas or Indane. and enter your login information.

If I move, do I also need to alter my gas distributor?

You will need to switch gas distributors if your existing one is unable to provide service at your new place of residence. On the other side, you can stick with your present distributor if they can still offer service at your new site.

What is the expected transfer time for my HP Gas connection?

In roughly two weeks, the HP Gas connection may be transferred. It may be accomplished on the same day in some circumstances. The kind of application and required documentation influence the transfer time.

If I pass the gas connection to somebody else, can I have it returned to my name?

If you have handed over the gas connection to a different person, you can return it to your name.

If I live in a rental home, can I use the rental agreement as address evidence for KYC?

If you live in a rented home, you may provide your rental agreement as address verification for KYC.

Can I change the name on my HP gas connection to that of my wife?

Yes, you are free to change the name of any member of your family on your HP gas connection.

Are there ways for my gas connection to be transferred online?

Your gas connection may be shifted online, yes.

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