HP Gas Booking

HPCL, or Hindustan Petroleum Company Limited, is a well-known company. Since its establishment in 1979, HP Gas has grown to serve over 33 million households nationwide and has an extensive distribution system of more than 2630 distributors to meet consumer demand. If you are a current customer of HP Gas searching for the HP Gas booking procedure, continue reading.

How Can I Order HP Gas?
Customers can reserve a refill of HP Gas using the following procedures:

It might not be overstating the situation to suggest that HP Gas has greatly streamlined the procedure for scheduling an LPG gas refill. The general steps for scheduling an HP LPG gasoline cylinder refill using various methods are shown below.

24/7 HP Anytime 
The Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) HP Anytime was introduced by HPCL for all HP Gas consumers.

  • Customers may reserve LPG gas with this HP Gas IVRS system around the clock.
  • The key benefit of this method is that HP Gas customers may schedule a gas refill by calling only one number from any location across the state.
  • When a consumer requests an LPG refill, the IVRS system immediately provides them with a booking number in real time.
  • The practice of manual booking has also been supplanted by this reservation system.
  • The refill requests are transmitted to the appropriate HP Gas wholesalers after being stored on a central server.
  • Additionally, users may make reservations using IVRS using the fixed phones offered at the Agencies.
  • Customers may also book HP gas using this system easily and receive confirmation right away without having to deal with human mistakes, engaged phones, or limited business hours.

The number for Online Booking of HP Gas through IVRS/SMS

State/ AreaBooking Number
Delhi & NCR99909 23456
Kerala99610 23456
Maharashtra & Goa88888 23456
Bihar94707 23456
Assam90850 23456
Tamil Nadu90922 23456
Jammu & Kashmir90860 23456
Himachal Pradesh98820 23456
Andhra Pradesh96660 23456
Rajasthan78910 23456
Haryana98129 23456
Karnataka99640 23456
Jharkhand89875 23456
Uttar Pradesh (W)81919 23456
Odisha90909 23456
Punjab98556 23456
West Bengal90888 23456
Gujarat98244 23456
Puducherry90922 23456
Uttar Pradesh98896 23456
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh96690 23456

Automatic Number Registration for HP Gas Booking on IVRS
To facilitate automatic client identification, consumers may register their landline or mobile phone numbers as their individual contact information on IVRS. When a consumer calls an authorized phone number, the system will recognize the call. 
Additionally, the HP Anytime IVRS system will give consumers up to three notifications about the status of refills that have been delivered. Consumers will get notifications with the HP gas reservation number along with the date of any outstanding orders, the cash memo and date, and the delivery confirmation messages.

Online HP Gas Booking
Users of HP Gas can use the online site to schedule a refill. To make a request through the internet for HP Gas refill booking, follow the instructions below.

  • If you are an HP client and have not yet enrolled on the HP Gas official website, you must enroll first.
  • You must input a few things during registration, including the customer’s number, distributor name, and distributor information. Additionally, you must include your contact information, including your email as well as your mobile number.
  • Consumers who have registered can access the HP Gas Online site by entering their login information and password.
  • You must choose the Book or Refill options on your dashboard after logging in.

Click on the submit button after providing the requested information. You may make a booking through the internet for your HP Gas Cylinder refill.

Quick Book and Pay for HP Gas Booking

  • Go to HP Gas QuickPay to schedule your HP Gas refill cylinder online.
  • To move forward, select either the “Normal Search” tool or the “Quick Search” option.
  • To continue, you must enter your customer number and the full name of the distributor under Quick Search.
  • To begin with the Normal Search, you must first input your state, district, HP Gas distributor’s name, and customer number.
  • Before selecting the “Proceed” button, you will be prompted to input your captcha code in the specified field.
  • Once logged in, you may schedule a refill.

Booking HP Gas by SMS
Consumers can make reservations for an HP Gas refill by calling the HP Anytime numbers listed above. Although, unlike the HP Anytime IVRS method, not every location in the nation may reserve HP Gas by SMS.
You will get a text message with your reservation code and date, the issuance of a cash memo, and confirmation of delivery if you reserve for HP Gas via SMS. You may use this text for reference in the future when booking.

Booking HP Gas with a mobile application available for Android, iOS, and Windows
You may now use a mobile application to schedule your HP LPG refill cylinder. For its LPG customers, HP Gas has launched an application for smartphones that is accessible on both Android and iPhone devices. Users may register for a supplementary cylinder, raise a grievance, or ask to give up a current connection via the HP Gas mobile app.

Instruction for Installing the HP Gas Application

  • Check out the Play Store.
  • Look for” HP gas”
  • Download the application first on your mobile phone.
  • Install the mobile app you downloaded.
  • After installation, the programme will notify you to activate it.
  • Please provide your registered mobile number, customer number, and distributor code.
  • You will be sent an SMS on your mobile phone with an activation code after entering this data.
  • When initiated, restart the application and input the activation code.
  • After that, you will be asked to choose a password that will be required each time the app opens up.

Booking HP Gas Through a Distributor

  • Users can also connect with the HP Gas dealer that is closest to them to arrange an HP Gas refill.
  • You may get in touch with HP Gas through the hotline or do a quick search on the HP Gas website to identify the distributor for your area.
  • You may reserve an HP Gas at the distributor’s offices by submitting details such as the consumer number, contact details, and contact information.
  • You may also call IVRS to reserve a booking using the fixed lines offered at HP Gas distributors.
  • Additionally, you will receive an SMS confirmation for your records if you do this.

Finding Your Local HP Gas Distributor

  • To find a distributor of HP Gas, go here.
  • Before continuing, you will be required to select your state and district from the drop-down menu and enter the captcha code.
  • The search results are available both as a list and as a map. Select the proper option.
  • As soon as you move on, you will see the distributors’ names, locations, and phone numbers.
  • In contrast to manual booking, HP Gas booking is now significantly streamlined with the IVRS procedure and internet booking, and customers can now easily order LPG cylinders online.


How will I find out how to check the status of my HP Gas reservation?

You must go to to see the current status of the HP Gas bookings. You will additionally be eligible to verify your status after logging in.

How can I cancel my reservation for an HP Gas cylinder?

To find out if the booking may be cancelled, you must go to the HP office.

What steps are involved in signing up for the HP Gas app?

You must download the HP Gas application from the Play Store in order to sign up for it. To finish the procedure after downloading the application, you must input the distributor’s number, customer number, and enrolled mobile phone.

Will a phone number be registered with HP Gas by SMS?

Yes, you may use SMS to register a mobile number with HP Gas.

How much does a brand-new HP Gas connection cost?

A gas connection costs Rs. 1,450.

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