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How to Verify a Voter’s Name Using SMS and a Helpline Number

People rush from pillar to post before elections every year to see if their names are on the voter list. During election season, a lot of individuals apply for voter identification. Election season, as a result, is quite hectic. But what would happen if we reminded you that not everything requires a visit to the polling place? You read that correctly. Instead of managing the workplace, you can get a lot of things done online or via your phone.
Without going to the office, you can register for a voter identification card, verify if your name is on the voter list, and find out how your application is progressing.

How to SMS-Verify a Name in a Voter List
Worldwide, telephone network operators offer the text messaging service known as Short Message Service (SMS). This function is present on all basic phones. One of the simplest and least time-consuming techniques to determine if your name appears on the voter list is to use this method.
First, you will receive your application number if you have submitted an application for a voter identification card.
Enter a voter ID application number in the SMS “EPIC” area and send it to 1950.
You will hear back on the progress of your application after sending the SMS.

How to use the helpline to identify names on the voter list
The Indian Election Commission provided a free hotline number to assist voters in receiving all the information they need on time. 1950 is the free hotline number. A person in their specific state will link callers from all around the nation to this number and provide them with whatever information they need. This hotline allows people to file complaints as well. The Chief Electoral Officer of the relevant state will be responsible for paying the costs associated with the calls made.
Additionally, the Election Commission has developed an SMS service for those with disabilities. To seek assistance, they must input the star (*) symbol and their voter ID number.
This programme also keeps track of how many voters with disabilities we have in a certain location. A reply SMS containing information about the closest polling place where the voter has been registered will be sent if an SMS is submitted without the star sign.

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