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How to Surrender LPG Gas Connection

A legal document has been drafted by the government to ensure every person in the nation has equal access to an LPG gas connection, one of the most essential requirements for modern civilization.
The government had to take harsh steps against people who had more than one connection to their name in order to guarantee that all Indians have basic access to this necessary service. There must be a home without a gas connection somewhere if there are many connections in one residence. Because of their personal affluence, there have been cases where households have had four or even five LPG gas connections, which prevented homes with lower economies from receiving an LPG gas connection.
The government found a very communist solution to this issue by requiring everyone with numerous connections to hand them over right now. In a standard democratic manner, the communist solution to the issue demonstrates a degree of maturity, adaptability, and open-mindedness.
Every person in the nation has the opportunity to use LPG equally; if you or anybody you are familiar with still has more than one active gas hookup on their behalf, please report the situation right now.
There is a choice to change the registration to a DBC (double bottle connection) if just a single connection remains after surrendering all other connections. Oil suppliers are prohibited from providing services to customers who have both of these functions at the same time.
To prevent anyone from having more than one functional connection at once, oil corporations have passed on KYC data among themselves.

How to Terminate Online an LPG Gas Connection
You may now give up the same manually online if travelling to the oil firm that issued your gas connection would be too much labour and time-consuming for you.

  • Just go to the website of the LPG connection provider that serves your area.
  • Enter your information in the appropriate field, and the provider will be in charge of coming to pick up the LPG cylinder from your home.

LPG services are no longer provided to people with the same household but different names, and there is a problem with both spouses who register for separate connections and wind up with two cylinders in their homes. LPG connections are currently voluntarily surrendered all throughout the nation, and the Indian Oil Company alone has so far closed and reallocated almost 10.2 lakh connections.

How to Stop Your Bharat Gas LPG Connection
People frequently desire to give up their LPG connections for various reasons, and each of those reasons has a particular procedure to be followed. Below are a few of the typical causes and steps:

  • If you currently have an LPG connection set up at a certain address in a specific city and want to move to a different address within that particular city, you must contact the Bharatgas distributor and ask for a Transfer Advice (referred to as a TA).
  • Then, this TA needs to be brought and presented to the new distributor that supplies the households at the newly relocated address.
  • A Subscription Voucher (referred to as an SV) with a fresh customer number for that distributorship will then be issued by the new distributor.
  • Since it is still in the same city, you are not required to surrender your gas cylinder or pressure regulator at that moment.

In the Situation of relocating to a different City
Changing your address to a different city may be challenging, but it can be even more challenging if your new house lacks an LPG connection.

  • If you are transferring cities, you must completely give up your current LPG connection and give the distributor back the pressure regulator as well as the gas cylinder.
  • The original money that you had paid when securing the connection will also be returned, along with a Termination Voucher (referred to as a TV) from the distributor.
  • You will need to visit the Bharatgas distributor in your region when this is complete and you have relocated to your new city to hand over the TV, the security money, and the registration and documentation costs.
  • The new distributor will then provide a new cylinder, a new pressure regulator, and a new Subscription Voucher after this is closed.

If You Totally Surrender Your LPG Connection: To totally terminate your LPG connection with Bharat Gas and receive a full return of your deposit, visit and sign in using your login information.
You must give up your cylinder along with your pressure regulator in order to receive a full refund after submitting a request to Bharat Gas.

Procedures for Giving Up the Indane Gas Connection
The steps for terminating any Indane LPG connection are straightforward and are listed below

  • Visit to join this attempt to voluntarily give up your subsidized LPG connection.
  • Include the required details and data.
  • The page also offers links to the “Scroll of Honour,” which lists the names of everyone who voluntarily signed up for this programme to provide LPG gas access to those in lower-income sectors of the economy.
  • You may access Indane’s full menu of services by logging into your Indane account at
  • Visit the LPG connection surrender page on the Indane Gas website at if you’re holding a connection that you would like to give up for any reason whatsoever. You will be directed through the process of giving up your Indane LPG connection and submitting the necessary paperwork after entering your login information.

How to Terminate the HP GAS Connection
There are a variety of circumstances why you might want to terminate your HPGAS LPG connection; the steps to terminate your HP GAS connection to LPG are listed below:

  • If you currently have an LPG connection registered at a specific address in a specific city and want to move to a different address inside the same city, you must contact the HPGAS distributors and ask for e-Customer Transfer Advice (also known as an e-CTA).
  • Once you present your original Subscription Voucher, an Authorization Code will be assigned to your specific application.
  • It must be observed that the e-CTA has an expiration date because it is only applicable for three months after it is issued.
  • The SV and e-CTA must be presented to the new distributor serving the region where your new place of residence belongs when you’ve collected your e-CTA along with your SV in hand.
  • The newly assigned distributor will sign you up as a customer, approve your SV, and give it back to you. Your cylinder and pressure regulator should be relocated at this time; these will not turn in.

In Case You Relocate to Another City: If you move to a new city, you must completely surrender your previous LPG connection and give the supplier your gas cylinder along with your pressure regulator.

  • The amount of money that you paid when securing the connection will be returned, along with a Termination Voucher (referred to as a TV) from the distributor.
  • You must then contact the HPGAS distributor in your region and deliver the TV together with the security money and registration and documentation costs after completing this and moving to your new location.
  • The TV has a life expectancy of one year after the date of issue; thus, fresh connections need to be initiated within that time frame.
  • The new distributor will come with a new cylinder and a freshly installed pressure regulator, along with a new Subscription voucher, shortly after this is completed. It is not necessary to present the Domestic Gas Customer Card at that moment.

Offering away your extra LPG cylinders would benefit both the whole nation and those who are most in need of them, namely those in remote and economically disadvantaged areas who spend their days below the poverty line. People in these places cook with cow dung cakes, crop waste products, newspaper, hay, or other risky and harmful processes. Because distributors and oil firms are already overburdened with orders and there is a finite amount of supplies for everyone to share, giving up your supplementary connection ensures that somebody who seeks it will have the opportunity to use it.


If I give up the LPG gas connection in favour of an Indane gas connection, would I receive a full return of my deposit?

The distributor will issue you a Termination Voucher (abbreviated TV) and repay the very first security fee you paid when you received the connection.

How do I cut off my Indane gas supply?

You must go to the local Indane agency, give over the gas cylinders, and complete a document in order to cancel your Indane gas connection. You can apply for a fresh connection within your new location with the documentation the agency provides. Return: If you return an LPG cylinder, you will receive a reimbursement of roughly INR 1500 per cylinder.

Can we cancel our online Indane gas connection?

Online applications are available for surrendering LPG connections, which let consumers give status updates during the surrender procedure.

How can I cut off my Bharat Gas service?

If, for whatever reason, you decide to terminate your LPG connection, you can submit an appeal online and send your distribution company the cylinder(s) as well as the pressure regulator.

Can I have more than one gas connection?

As of today, the government’s “one household, one LPG connection” regulation makes it unlawful to have more than one connection in the same home. Executives claim that an exception can be made if a customer can provide evidence of food being prepared in two kitchens located on the same roof.

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