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How to Check the Information on Your Voter ID Card Online

Voting in elections requires a valid voter ID, which also acts as identity documentation. The data on your voter ID is simply and rapidly accessible online. You may now monitor the progress of your voter ID application and make updates online.

A voter identity card: what is it?
An Indian citizen is given a voter ID card, sometimes referred to as a “Voter Identification Card” or an “Election Card,” by the Indian Election Commission.
This serves as evidence of your nationality and entitles you to vote within the nation.
This photo identification card contributes to increasing the voter roll’s reliability and reducing instances of election fraud.

A voter ID card’s value

  • It serves as a confirmation of identification and may be used to access services in this nation.
  • You are able to vote in elections because of it.
  • It demonstrates your Indian citizenship.
  • It contributes to lowering electoral fraud.
  • You can take advantage of any unique incentives that the Indian government may occasionally throw out.

How to Find Your Voter ID Card Online in 3 Easy Steps
To locate your voter ID card online, follow the procedures listed below:

  • Visit the webpage for Electoral Search. After two or three weeks following a voter’s application for a voter ID card, this website keeps all of the voter’s data.
  • There are two ways to find your information on the homepage of the site.
  • Entering your Epic Number into the search box is the first choice, and entering your own details is the second.
  • You must input your Epic Number, State, and the Security Code that appears on the screen before clicking “search” if you select the first option.
  • In order to find the information on your Voter Identification Card, you may also select the “Search by Details” alternative, enter your complete name, age, date of birth, state, district, as well as a constituency, and then click “Search”.
  • On the screen, if you are registered to vote, your information will be shown.
  • Visit the website for your state’s elections if you cannot find your information on the Electoral Search page. In India, each state has a CEO webpage that stores voter data.
  • Visit the election website for your state.
  • Click the “Search” button after entering the bare minimum of information, including your name, father’s name, and voter identification number.
  • A list of profiles that meet your search criteria will appear once you select the “Search” option.
  • Click on your name to discover more information about it.

Visit the closest electoral office if you are not able to locate the information on your voter identification card online.


If I work and reside in Delhi, am I still allowed to vote in my hometown?

Yes, no matter whether you work and reside in Delhi, you may vote in your hometown village. The sole requirement is that you cannot have voter registration in any other constituency.

Where can I get information about the polling place?

To find out the specifics of your polling location, go to the voter portal and log in to your voter account.

How can I ensure all of the details of every member of my family are put on the electoral roll together?

Members of the family are able to be enrolled as a group by logging into the voter portal (URL) or using the voter hotline mobile app on a mobile device.

If I don’t have my voter registration card, am I still able to cast my ballot by presenting my Aadhaar as identification?

If you fail to bring your voter ID card with you, you can still cast your ballot by presenting your Aadhaar as identification.

Is there an online platform where I can view the information on my voter ID card?

On the NVSP web page, you may view the details of your voter identification card.

Can I get a printout of my voter identification card online?

Visit the web page or portal for NVSP to get the e-EPIC for your mobile phone.

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