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How to check HDFC auto loan application status?

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HDFC bank has been known for providing world-class services and smooth experiences to its users. Among its services, there is a tracker which shows the status of its customer’s auto loan application.

Before we understand how to use these tools to check your HDFC auto loan application status, let’s have a bit of an overview.

HDFC has been providing auto loans at a very low-interest rate. You can easily apply for the loan if you have met the eligibility criteria. All you need to own a car is just a good credit score and proof of income. And since the auto loan is also quite low, your monthly installment will also be low.

Now, once you have applied for the auto loan, then what?

Well, HDFC provides a tracker through which you can easily track your application status and its progress. It will also give you the estimated time that you have to wait before you can get your automobile.

Before you go to check, make sure you have the following details with you, which are required to check the status.

  • Application Number

  • Date of Birth

  • Registered Mobile Number

It is very easy to see your HDFC auto loan application status. All because of HDFC’s various options, you can check the status at your convenience. You have a total of three ways through which you can check. These ways are:

  • Through offline mode

  • Through net banking

  • Through HDFC check the link

Among them, the easiest way is to check online. Nevertheless, it’s time to elaborate on all three ways one by one in detail.

Through Offline Mode

Now here, also there are two types of offline modes through which you can check the application status.

  • Through customer care service

One easy option is to place a call to HDFC bank customer care. Make sure you call from the registered number and follow the steps they tell you to do on the call. You will also have to provide your application number, and finally, they will guide you to your application progress.

You can find the customer care numbers of HDFC bank at this link –

  • Through visiting branch

You can visit any nearest branch of the HDFC bank to know the application status. Go to any official at the branch, provide the necessary details, and they will show you your application progress.

Through Net Banking

So, if you are already an HDFC bank customer and have your net banking portal, this will be the cakewalk for you. To check your status through net banking, follow the following steps.

  1. Go to the official site of HDFC bank.

  2. Login with your net banking credentials.

  3. Once you get to your dashboard, look for the Loan option. Click on it.

  4. Now, find the Enquire option and tap on it.

  5. The page will ask you to enter your application number and date of birth. Enter the required details and then click on continue.

These steps are for the existing customer. If you are a first-time user, you must first register for the account and then follow the above steps. To register, go through the below process.

  1. Open the HDFC bank net banking login portal.

The direct link is here –

  1. Since you are for a loan, down the page, you will find Retail Loan Only? Option. Just tap on it.

  2. New page will appear. For the new user, there is an option for registering. Click on Register Now.

  3. A dialogue box will appear, there, enter your user ID, application number and necessary details and click on continue.

  4. Go through the OTP verification; your account has been registered.

Now you can go back and log into the system and see your application status.

Through HDFC Check Link

This method for viewing does not require you to either register or login into the HDFC bank system. Simply follow the following steps, and you will have the progress of your application on your screen.

  1. Click on the following link –

  2. On the page, first, enter your applicant’s name. You can add the reference or proposal number if not the name.

  3. After that, you can choose whether to enter your date of birth or your mobile number.

  4. Click on SUBMIT button.

  5. Your application will now be on your screen.


Not just the auto loan, but you can look at the application for several other retail loans. For instance, you can also view the progress of your home, personal or educational loan application. HDFC gives you a hassle-free ride till the loan is approved. Once approved, the whole loan amount will be transferred to you in no time without deducting any processing fee.

All these features and this smart tracker has made HDFC bank the most reliable and trusted bank of many loan seekers.

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