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How to change your voter ID Card’s Address?

A voter ID card permits the holder to cast a ballot in elections and choose representatives to rule the nation, enact laws, and govern the country, state, or local governments. All Indian citizens above the age of 18 are given the right to vote under the Indian Constitution, with some restrictions.
A voter’s identity card is an official document for finding one’s identity and residence. Your voter ID can be used to register to vote, cast ballots in elections, and, if necessary, as a form of identification. Due to these factors, it is essential to verify that the data on the ID card is correct and up-to-date. You must modify your voter ID card according to your new address, for instance, if you have moved anywhere else.
Your name is required to be entered into the voter list in the district in which you currently reside and removed from the list in the constituency in which you previously resided.
Making changes to the place of residence on your voter ID card has become simpler, according to the Indian Election Commission. You may now add your name, change your address on your voter ID card, and remove your name from your former constituency all on one form rather than filling out numerous forms.

How can I change my address on my voter identification card?
By filing an application form and documentation of your present place of residence with the election officer in your district, you can change the address on your voter ID card.
Your name will be transferred from your former constituency’s voter list to the current one while keeping all of your information. This process is known as transferring” names from the voter list. A new voter identification card will be sent to you, and your residential location will also be altered.
All registered voters who relocated can easily update the new address on their registered voter ID card because this procedure can be conducted offline as well as online.

Step-by-Step Guide for Changing the Address on an Offline Voter Identification Card
By applying the instructions below, you can change the address listed on your voter ID card:

  • Visit your closest electoral office and have a copy of Form 8A, Request for Transposition of Entry in the Voter List.
  • Complete the form’s required fields with your complete name, state or union territory, electoral district, address, and so on.
  • Include documentation of your current residence address, such as copies of your phone and/or power bills, a banking passbook, etc.
  • Send the application to the electoral office that is most convenient for where you live. You will receive a reference number that you may use to check the status of your voter identification.
  • Upon successful approval of your application, you will receive a voter identification card with your new address on it.
  • Additionally, you will get a notification that your name has been added to the voter list for the constituency in which you presently live.

How to Change Your Address Online on Your Voter ID Card
The Election Commission of India has also developed an online application procedure aimed at making it simpler for voters to update their residential addresses on their voter identification cards.
Please follow the guidelines below to update your voter identification card with your present residential address:

  • Click on the “Online Voter Registration” link on the web portal of the Chief Election Officer for your state or union territory.
  • Choose Form 8A from the list of alternatives, and a new browser window will open with the online form.
  • Include all necessary information, including your complete name, address, state, and constituency, as well as your new place of residence.
  • Submit a copy of something (such as an electricity bill, banking passbook, or Aadhaar card) that includes your present residence.
  • Upon submission of your application, you will be given a reference number that you may use to track the status of your online application.
  • The application you submitted will be checked by the electoral officers after you upload it.
  • Your voter ID card, which will include your current address, will be given to you upon successful verification.

How can you update your voter ID card’s address from one state to a different one?
You must update your current home address on your voter identification card if you have changed your primary place of residence from an Assembly region to a different one.

  • The information about you has to be moved from the voter list for your previous constituency to the voter list for the new one.
  • You won’t be able to cast a ballot in any of the regions anyway. Your voter ID serves as both a means of proving your identity as a person and your residence as well as your right to vote in national or assembly polls.
  • You can simply update your address on the voter ID rather than submitting an application for a fresh voter ID in the new assembly region.
  • You can request a change to your permanent residence on your voter card by using Form 8A.
  • On the NVSP web page, you may apply online, or you can go to the local election office that is closest to you. You will need to present documentation of the new residence address, such as a gas or energy bill.

Form for Address Change on Voter ID Card
You can update your residential address by seeking a transposition of entry. Your information will be updated on both the voting list for the constituency and your voter identification card. You need to fill out Form 8A to send in this form of request. The online form is available to collect on the official sites of the Election Commission of India, any state’s chief electoral official, and any union territory’s chief electoral office.
It is also downloadable from these sites. Additionally, the form is accessible at every electoral office in the nation. You will be asked for information such as your name, address, state or Union Territory, municipality, and voter identification number.A utility bill, a passport, or any other official document serving as verification of your current residence is also required.
The completed form must be addressed to the Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency where the transformation of entry will take place.


Who may file Form 8A?

Any person whose name already appears on the list of voters may submit Form 8A.

Where do I submit Form 8A?

In specific areas where the draught electoral roll will be released during the revision period, Form 8A may be submitted. Additionally, it may be submitted to the Assistant or Constituency Electoral Registration Office. Draught electoral rolls are often made available where voting sites exist. Only the Electoral Registration Officer (of the constituency) may receive the form when the modification period is not in action.

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