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HDFC Regalia Credit Card: A Premium & All-Rounder Card Befitting Royalty!

HDFC Regalia Credit Card

Credit Card has become one of the best and most-beneficial plastic money people prefer to use worldwide. Almost dozens of lenders provide different credit cards to cater to every individual’s needs. However, with so many options for credit cards in the market, it’s become quite challenging to know which serves the best benefits. But now, you don’t need to worry as we have got you covered!

According to a survey, people usually prefer to get a credit card that offers both travel and lifestyle benefits. So, if you are in search of the same, then look no further than the HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card. The HDFC Regalia card is one of the revered and preferred credit cards as it offers a wide range of lifestyle, travel, shopping, and dining privileges.

The Regalia card includes 12 domestic airport lounge visits and 6 foreign airport lounge visits each year, as well as a complimentary annual Zomato Pro membership and a special complimentary dine-out passport membership. This all-rounder premium credit card is your ticket to luxury and indulgence for people wishing to get a decent return on their credit card spending in the form of reward points.

Now you must be convinced why HDFC Regalia Credit Card is given the tagline of the “all-rounder credit card.” Moving ahead, we’ll discuss this credit card’s ins and outs in a detailed way. So, without any further ado, let’s delve deep and know the bits and bites of HDFC Regalia Credit Card.

Details of HDFC Regalia credit card

If you’re looking for a premium card with perks worth splurging on, the HDFC Regalia Credit Card is the right choice.

  • Welcome bonus of 2,500 Reward Points.

  • 4 Reward Points on every Rs. 150 you spend.

  • Earn a total of 15,000 bonus Reward Points on spending Rs. 8 lakhs in an anniversary year.

  • 6 complimentary Lounge Access at airports outside India and 12 within India.

  • Low international transaction charges of 2%.

  • Exciting offers with the exclusive Dineout Passport Membership.

  • Complimentary membership to the Priority Pass program.

  • Renewal fee waived off on spending over 3 lakhs in the previous year.

  • Travel insurance benefits in case of air accident worth up to Rs. 1 crore.

Top benefits & features of HDFC Regalia credit card

As one of HDFC Bank’s best offerings, the Regalia credit card offers a number of exclusive perks in various categories, including travel, rewards programs, dining & entertainment, and more. The below-mentioned details will help you to comprehend all of its features:

Welcome benefits

After successfully paying the joining fee for the HDFC Regalia credit card, you receive a welcome bonus of 2,500 Reward Points.

Milestone benefits

  • Assured 10,000 Reward Points under the milestone spend of the benefit of the card for purchases over Rs. 5 lakh in the anniversary year.

  • 5,000 additional bonus Reward Points will be given if you spend more than Rs. 8 lakh during the anniversary year.

Access to domestic lounge

With this card, you will get complimentary access to domestic airport lounges (airport lounges within India) 12 times per year (three times per quarter). Also, crossing or exceeding the complimentary lounge access quota will be allowed at the lounge’s discretion and chargeable by the lounge.

Access to international lounge

  • You receive a free Priority Pass membership and six free visits to lounges outside India. Following the complimentary visits, each subsequent visit will cost INR 2,211 per person.

  • You can apply for the priority pass membership for yourself and additional members as soon as you make a minimum of 4 retail transactions with your premium Regalia credit card.

Dining benefits

With the Regalia credit card, you can get 5% off when paying your bill at a Dineout Pay-enabled restaurant only from the Dineout App for transactions of Rs.1500 or above.

Fuel surcharge waiver

Apart from the reward and lounge access benefits, the Regalia credit card offers some other benefits, such as a fuel surcharge waiver. All transactions made with the HDFC Regalia credit card between Rs.400 and Rs.5,000 are free from the 1% fuel surcharge at all petrol stations in India.

Joining & renewal fee waiver

  • If you spent at least Rs.3 lakhs on HDFC Regalia credit card in the previous year, the annual fee is waived.

  • Conditions to receive a lifetime free HDFC Regalia Credit Card: Within the first 90 days of card activation, choose one of the following services to activate: SmartPay, One Assist, General Insurance, or Balance Transfer. You must renew this service yearly (either one product and one bill through SmartPay, or two products and two bills via SmartPay).

Zero liability protection

With the Regalia HDFC Card’s zero liability protection for lost or stolen cards, you are not liable for unauthorized purchases made with a lost card if you report the fraud within the provided time.

Insurance benefits

The HDFC Regalia credit card also offers some insurance benefits. You can refer to the table below for details:

Insurance Cover

Cover Amount

Accidental death

Rs. 1 crore

Lost card liability cover

Rs. 9 lakh

Medical emergency cover

Rs. 15 lakh

Note: Visit the HDFC Bank website to learn more about the benefits of insurance. All the benefits mentioned above are subject to the terms and conditions imposed by HDFC Bank. Therefore, read all terms and conditions carefully.

HDFC Regalia credit card reward points

The below-bulleted list highlights the benefits and terms and conditions of the reward points on the Regalia credit card:

  • On every retail spend of Rs. 150, you will receive 4 Reward Points. You will not get any reward points on Fuel, EasyEMI, or wallet transactions.

  • Earn accelerated RPs on travel and shopping spends, 5x Reward Points on shopping from Amazon, SmartBuy platform.

  • 10x eward points for hotel/bus ticket bookings, on flight booking through Easemy Trip, Cleartrip, Redbus and on Apple.

  • 3x Reward points on shopping from Rail Tickets and Flipkart.

  • Maximum accelerated reward points can be availed with a Regalia credit card capped at 4,000 points per month.

  • Insurance transactions are subject to a capping of 2000 per day

  • The reward points will expire after 2 years from the date of issue.

  • If the transaction is converted to EMI, the reward points earned on that transaction would get reversed.

  • If the card isn’t used for 1 year, all the earned reward points so far will be nullified.

HDFC Regalia reward points redemption

  • The rewards on the HDFC regalia credit card can be redeemed on the HDFC Smartbuy website or through Netbanking.

  • 1 reward point = Rs 0.5 for redemption against flights and hotel bookings,

  • 1 reward point = Rs 0.35 for redemption against products and vouchers,

  • 1 reward point = Rs 0.20 for cash backs, and Air miles conversion at a value of 1reward point = 0.5 air mile.

  • The HDFC Bank charges a reward redemption fee of Rs. 99 on every redemption request.

Fees & charges applicable on the HDFC Regalia credit card

The card has the following fees and charges such as

  • Joining Fee: Rs. 2,500

  • Annual fee: Rs. 2,500 (waived off on spending Rs. 3 lakh in a year)

  • Finance Charges: 3.6% p.m. (43.2% p.a.)

  • Interest rate: An interest rate of 3.6% per month (43.2% annually) is applicable on the card if the cardholder is unable to clear all the dues by the due date.

  • Late Payment Charges for statement balance:

  1. Less than Rs. 100: Nil

  2. Rs. 100 to Rs. 500: Rs. 100

  3. Rs. 501 to Rs. 5,000: Rs. 500

  4. Rs. 5,001 to Rs. 10,000: Rs. 600

  5. Rs. 10,001 to Rs. 25,000: Rs. 800

  6. Rs. 25,001 to Rs. 50,000: Rs. 1,100

  7. More than Rs. 50,000: Rs. 1,300

Eligibility & documents required for HDFC Regalia Credit Card

To avoid rejection on your credit card application, confirming your eligibility before applying for any card is very essential. The table below lists the age and income requirements for eligibility to apply for the HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card:

Salaried employees

Self-employed individual


21-60 years of age

21-65 years of age


Rs. 1 lakh p.m.

ITR > Rs. 12 lakh p.a.

Other than the above requirement, you need to maintain a good credit score for getting the HDFC Regalia credit card. A poor credit score may lead to the rejection of your application.

Documents required:

  • Pan Card

  • Current address proof; Aadhar card, Voter ID card, Driving license.

  • Latest card statement

  • 6 Month vintage proof (six-month-old card user)


Indeed, HDFC Regalia Credit Card is one of the most popular premium credit cards in India. This card offers you many benefits like international and domestic lounge access, complimentary travel upgrades, etc., which can be used by people who spend a lot on their way to earn good rewards points. Overall this is an ideal option if you want to enjoy premium benefits and are willing to pay for them with a high annual fee.


Yes, you can use the HDFC Regalia Credit Card abroad. It also has a negligible 2% forex markup fee.

Yes, you can get the priority pass membership with the HDFC Regalia Credit Card. You just need to complete four retail transactions by using the card before being able to take advantage of this lounge access!

Yes, HDFC Regalia is a credit card that offers multiple benefits to its members. This card not only offers discounts on travel and dining but also provides complimentary lounge access and concierge service.

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