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Forms for Voter ID

Getting a voter’s ID is no longer a challenge. With the advent of online voter ID registration options, it’s most definitely not as complicated as it formerly was. You may acquire online voter ID card applications as well. You must have one, no matter how tough it may be. If not, do so as soon as possible for a voter ID.

Let’s have a look at the Voter’s ID Forms and other relevant details right now.
Forms of Voters’ ID Cards:

Each Voter ID Form’s Full Description
Download Forms in both English and Hindi
When enrolling to vote, someone who has a declared office must specify where their primary address is.Form- 1
To be classified as a service elector on the preceding section of the electoral roll, a member of the armed services must indicate their usual address and meet specific service conditions.Form – 2
Someone who is part of a state’s armed police force and currently serves outside of that state must state where their usual place of residence is and satisfy specific service conditions in order to seek to be classified as a service elector in the previous section of the voter list.Form – 2A
When working for the Government of India outside of India and meeting the requirements for service, a person must specify their place of usual residence in order to be registered as a service elector in the prior segment of the voter list.Form – 3
Asking for the addition of a name to the voter list.Form – 6
Indian electors who are NRIs request to have their names added to the electoral roll.Form – 6A
Application to ask for a name to be removed from the voter list or to protest being included.Form – 7
Application to correct any typographical or other errors in the voter registration information.Form – 8
Request for shifting a name from a specific region of the local electoral record to another.Form – 8A
Appealing to be included on the electoral roll for the local authorities category of the state legislative council.Form – 17
Seek to be included in the neighbourhood of a graduate degree holder’s state legislative council.Form – 18
Request to be included on the teaching community’s voter list for the state legislative council.Form – 19


What variety of voter ID documents are offered?

Voter ID forms come in 12 different varieties.

My place of residence just changed. How can I ensure that my name is deleted from the former address and that I am recorded at my current location?

Fill out Form-8A if your new house is in the exact same constituency; if it is not, fill out Form 6 and send it to the ERO (SDM) or the AERO (MRO) in the region where your new house has its location.

What details must I include on the voter ID form?

On the voter ID form, you must include your name, date of birth, postal address, and a passport-size photograph.

How can I get a voter identification form?

On the Election Commission of India’s official portal, you can download a voter identification form.

How will my voter ID form be submitted?

Your completed voter ID form may be submitted either online or in person at the election office.

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