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Finnable Personal Loan: How to Apply Online Securely

Having debt from credit cards can be taxing on your finances. With yearly interest rates approaching 40%, this is a costly obligation to bear, and if repayments are not completed immediately, your credit score will be negatively impacted.

As a result, obtaining a personal loan with yearly rates of interest that range from 16% onwards is a far superior choice. You save money on interest while keeping your credit history intact.

Inadequate cash can put your goal of establishing a new business on hold. A personal loan, on the other hand, can help you receive finances to support your company’s start-up.

Meanwhile, a business loan can be obtained, but you have to present your fiscal standing and tax-related paperwork, which is not likely to be possible for a startup company. As a result, because they are significantly easier for people to get, personal loans are the most realistic choice for someone to consider.

Personal Loan Highlights
Interest Rate16% p.a. onwards
Loan AmountUp to Rs 10 Lakhs
TenureUp to 5 year
Minimum Monthly SalaryRs 15,000
Processing Fee1% – 4%

Feature and Advantages

  • You can take out a loan upto 10 Lakhs.
  • No need for any collateral or Security.
  • Easy and Simple Application process
  • Completely Digital application process.
  • Minimal Documentation
  • Quick Disbursal
  • Repayment Tenure of upto 60 months are available here.
  • There is no OD facility available on Personal Loans.
  • No Part payment is allowed.
  • No co-signer required.

Eligibility Criteria for Finnable Personal Loan

Here is a quick summary of the eligibility requirements:

  1. Age range: 23 to 56 years
    2. Minimum monthly net salary: 15,000
    3. Minimum term of employment: 6 months
    4. Types of employment include employed or self-employed individuals.
    5. Loan amount: between Rs 50,000 – Rs 10 Lakhs.
  2. Minimum CIBIL Score – 700+

Required Documents To Apply For Finnable Personal Loan

  1. KYC of Applicant (Adhar Card+Pan Card+Passport Size Photo)
  2. Last 3 month Salary Slip
  3. Last 6 month Bank Statement in PDF
  4. Form 16 of last 2 year
  5. Rent Agreement if rented or Utility Bill if residence is owned
  6. Sanction Letter of all current running loan if any
  7. Office ID Card or Official EMAIL ID if any

How to apply online for a Finnable Personal Loan?

Check out Finnable’s Website and apply.

You can reach to Finnable through

Alternatively you can apply for a Finnable personal loan through Refer Loan’s website.

Check here how to apply

At first visit

1) Once you’ve finished reviewing the details, charges, and necessary documentation for Finnable personal loans, confirm eligibility.

2) You’ll be taken to the application page. Enter the basic information requested.

3) Select Eligible Offers to see the offers that are accessible to you based on what you’re eligible for.

4) Select Next.

5) An OTP will be sent to your mobile device. For authentication, input this OTP.

6) Send in your application.


Several illnesses and treatments may be required that aren’t included in all insurance coverage. Medical policy provisions could even obligate you to pay a portion of the bill yourself.

A personal loan for an urgent medical need is one of the best solutions in such instances.

You can use the loan money to pay for any medical expenses or treatments that you may need.

Finnable provides personal loans with variable interest rates. It serves as one of the marketplace’s leading lenders. Furthermore, an increasing proportion of Indians believe it. It appears to be the best option when seeking a loan.

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