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Electoral Roll

An electoral roll is a record of all the names of those who are registered to vote in a certain region that is made public by the election commission. The significance of the electoral roll may not be misrepresented since it achieves several significant goals, including uncovering election fraud because an electoral register enables the relevant authorities to confirm a voter’s information. Additionally, it makes voting easier on election day. The electoral roll also prevents someone from casting two votes.

Ordinarily, electoral rolls are maintained in paper form; however, the Election Commission of India (ECI) recently adopted computerized electoral rolls. Biometric technology is used in the computerized electoral roll.

What does an electoral roll part number mean?

The voter ID bearer has added his or her name to the electoral roll for the constituency indicated by the part number on the electoral roll. When a person requests a voter identification card or seeks to make modifications to one, the Part Number is crucial.

How can I discover a serial number in the electoral roll?

A voter ID user is given a special number known as the serial number on an electoral roll. The serial number, like its part number, enables someone to edit the information on their voter ID.

Eligibility Criteria needed to join the electoral roll

Unless someone is rejected for any reason, every person who is an Indian citizen and at least 18 years old is allowed to be added to the voter list. At the time of an election, an individual may only be registered in one constituency.

How can I find a name on the electoral roll?

The electoral roll may be searched in two distinct ways to get voter information.

Check by entering the details below: On the official portal of the Election Commission of India, an individual may search for voter details by inputting the information shown below.

Through inputting the EPIC code: The voter identification number may also be used to look for voter details. Every individual’s perspective is different. The state’s name and the displayed code are the following information to be entered:

  • Name of the individual
  • The father’s name of the individual
  • The individual’s gender
  • Date of Birth and Age of the Individual
  • State where an applicant has registered
  • The constituency in which the individual has registered to vote.
  • The electoral district in which a person has registered to vote.
Was 18 always the required age to vote in India?

No, in the past, citizens had to be 21 years old to cast a ballot. Under the 61st Amendment Act of 1988 to the Constitution and Act 21 of 1989 amending the Representation of the People Act of 1950, the voting age was decreased to 18 years. This became legislation on March 28, 1989.

If I work and reside in Mumbai, am I still allowed to vote in my hometown?

Yes, no matter whether you work and reside in Mumbai, you may vote in your hometown. The sole requirement is that you cannot have voter registration in any other constituency.

How can I change a misspelt name on my voter identification card?

If the name you submitted has been misspelt, you must complete Form 8 and submit it to the election officer in your constituent assembly for correction.

What documentation do I need to fill out to change my electoral roll entry?

For a change of entry on the electoral roll, you must complete Form 8A.

In India, can an NRI register to vote?

An NRI may register to vote in India, yes.

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