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Check out the Top SBI Credit Cards in 2023 and Pick one that Suits your Lifestyle Best

State Bank of India provides a variety of credit card options, each carefully optimized to meet the financial necessities of consumers. SBI cards provide multiple advantages, ranging from low financing fees in addition to an outstanding rewards programme.

10 Best SBI Credit Cards in 2023

CardAnnual Fee/Rs.Best Suited for
SimplyCLICK SBI Card499/-Online Shopping
SimplySAVE SBI Card499/-Everyday Shopping
Yatra SBI Card499/-Travel
FBB SBI STYLEUP Card499/-Co-Branded Shopping
BPCL SBI Card499/-Fuel
IRCTC SBI Platinum Card500/-Co-Branded Travel
Air India SBI Platinum Card1,499/-Travel
SBI Card PRIME2,999/-Premium & Lifestyle
SBI Card ELITE4,999/-Premium & Lifestyle
Air India SBI Signature Card4,999/-Premium & Travel

Overview of the SBI Credit Card
To satisfy the monetary necessities of each of its consumers, the State Bank of India provides a variety of credit card offerings. SBI cards provide rewards for making trips, shopping, eating out, and other activities. You may also receive cash back and advantageous rates of interest, among other things. If you’re searching for a brand-new credit card, compare the advantages and specifications of SBI cards to find an option that suits your needs best.

SBI Cards’ Key Benefits

1. Premium cards

2. Shopping and Travel cards

3. Classic cards

4. Exclusive cards

The above mentioned are the categories of different types of SBI cards.

Each one is distinct and presents special benefits such as free tickets for movies, service from a concierge, lounge accessibility, balance transferring, flexible payments in EMIs, points for rewards, paying bills online, and a lot more.

SBI credit cards provide a variety of advantages, including:

1. Save money on interest.

2. Bill payment in autonomous mode

3. Take out insurance coverage to protect yourself.

4. Easy accessibility to the account

5. supports all of your sudden as well as immediate cash needs.

Additional Fees and Charges for SBI Cards

Type of FeesCharges
1. The charge for credit card financingFor every single unsecured SBI Credit Card (apart from Shaurya), the interest rate is 3.5%.
2. Each month, the minimum due amount.5% of the sum of the outstanding balance or Rs.200 plus taxes, whatever is greater.
3. Interest Fee Period20-50 Day
4. Cash advance finance chargeA charge of 2.5% or Rs.500 is charged for domestic cash withdrawals.
5. Statement RetrievalFor statements older than two months, the fee is Rs.100/statement.
6. Over Limit Fee2.5 %
7. Domestic Card Replacement FeeRs. 100-250/-

Late Payment Fee

Outstanding Amount/Rs.Fee
Up to 500/-NIL

More than Rs. 50,000/- has to pay Rs. 1,300

The documents needed for applying

When requesting a credit card, you must provide proof of your identity, place of residence, as well as earnings. Listed below is a list of records that you may use to demonstrate that you’re eligible. Always keep in mind that the aforementioned is by no means a complete list; therefore, the bank may request additional documentation from you.

Identity Proof1. Aadhaar Card2. PAN Card3. Voter’s ID Card, 4. Driving Licence, 5. Ration Card6. Passport
Residential ProofAadhaar CardRental AgreementPassportRation CardUtility BillTelephone Bill
Income-proof of Salaried PersonEmployment/Appointment LetterCurrent Pay SlipSalary Certificate
Income Proof of Self-Employed PersonLatest ITR FilesBusiness Financial StatementAudit Report/ Balance Sheet/ Loss Statement

Online SBI Credit Card Application Procedure
You can submit an application for a credit card online by visiting the SBI’s official webpage. SBI presents online applications for almost all of their credit cards.

Step 1: Go to the authorised SBI web page.

Step 2: Place your mouse cursor on the credit card options and press the “Help Me Find a Card” button.

Step 3: Use the Simplyfier feature in order to identify the suitable card for yourself.

Step 4: Review the card’s advantages and specifications.

Step 5: Tap the “Apply” button.

Step 6: Fill out your name and primary contact information.

Step 7: Afterwards, an SBI representative will get in touch with you to discuss the details of your request.

You may additionally apply for credit cards at any SBI branch in your area.

How Can I Track My Application Status?

In case you have requested a credit card by using the SBI web page, you are capable of monitoring the progress of the request you made.

Step 1: Go to the SBI web page and log in with your username and password.

Step 2: The “Track My Application” option will be found beneath the “Apply” button.

Step 3: Type in your application ID or reference code to obtain more information.

Step 4: To track the status of your application, enter your birth date.

How to Transfer the SBI Credit Card Balance
Use the State Bank of India’s credit card to pay off the balances of additional credit cards. You are able to transfer the balance on additional credit cards to your State Bank of India card at an interest rate that is low.

You are able to save money on interest by using the SBI card’s transfer balance option. The State Bank of India presents 2 balance-transferring initiatives from which you can pick:

  • For a period of sixty days, there is no interest. There is a charge for the processing of 2%, or just Rs. 199, whatever is greater.
  • For a duration of 180 days, the interest rate is 1.7% monthly. The charge for the processing is exempt.

The State Bank of India Balance Transfer on EMI

  1. With a 0.75% rate of interest for a period of three months. There is a charge for the processing of 1.5%, or just Rs. 199, the greater amount is considered.
  2. In order to pay month days, the rate of interest is 1.27% per month. There is a charge for the processing of 1.5%, or just Rs. 199; the greater amount will be considered.

Advantages of Using SBI Credit Cards

Individuals who make use of SBI credit cards for everyday transactions receive a variety of advantages. The following are some of the most common advantages of using an SBI credit card:

1. SBI credit cards offer points for redemption or cash back on each transaction performed with the card. Rewards such as these can be redeemed with plenty of advantages, such as cost reductions, bonus coupons, along with giveaways.

2. SBI credit cards provide price reductions and special offers on a variety of items and services such as traveling, eating out, shopping, and recreational activities.

3. SBI credit cards provide simple and flexible EMI choices for transactions made with the card. Individuals may convert the money they spend into monthly installments with low-interest rates.

4. Balance transfer option: SBI credit cards include a balance transfer ability that enables consumers to transfer the balances they have outstanding from their other credit cards into their SBI credit card at an interest rate that is lower.

5. SBI credit cards include contactless payment technology, which enables consumers to perform financial transactions swiftly and safely instead of requiring a PIN or signature.

6. Fuel surcharge exemptions: SBI credit cards waive fuel surcharges at selected petrol pumps, allowing consumers to save money on their fuel expenditures.

7. SBI credit cards may be used at many different merchant locations along with ATMs globally, which makes them an accessible means of payment for consumers who make international trips often.

8. SBI credit cards offer special perks such as access to airport lounges, services from concierges, and numerous other everyday life advantages.

In its entirety, SBI credit cards provide a variety of advantages and rewards to consumers, providing them with a flexible and easy payment alternative. Furthermore, the State Bank of India ranks as one of India’s largest as well as most reliable banks, ensuring consumers may depend on the bank’s products as well as assistance.

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