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Cancellation of Voter ID Application

It takes time for someone to get a voter identification card. In our nation, one must work hard to receive an election card. After all that, individuals can desire to remove their name from the voter list for a variety of reasons. If a person no longer resides in the same location or changes citizenship, they may remove their name from the electoral roll.

Why is it necessary to cancel your voter enrollment?
People are talking about cancelling their voter registration now that they are aware of its significance.

Among the reasons people cancel their registration to vote are:

  • Improper voting and other social electoral issues might result from failing to erase your name from the electoral ballot.
  • The death of the voter.
  • If you are relocating to a different city or nation.
  • If you are a resident of a different nation.
  • In the event that your name appears on two different voter identification cards.

The process for removing your name from the voter list

  • You must submit a correctly completed Voter ID Form 7 in order to remove your name from the voter list.
  • You may either go into the closest Electoral Registration Office and pick up a Form 7 in hand or print one online.
  • The third page of this two-page document will include instructions for filling out the form for your reference.
  • The name of the Electoral Registration Officer to whom you are mailing the letter must be entered.
  • The form will give you three choices. The first choice is to object to someone being included on the electoral list.
  • A person’s name can be removed from the electoral roll as another option, and the individual’s name can be removed as a third.
  • Select the most suitable choice, then carry on.
  • You will be required to submit the information for the individual who you wish to remove from the list in the next step.
  • The person’s name, as well as surname, part number, serial number, and EPIC number, must all be written down.
  • You will next be required to give a detailed justification for your request to have the applicant’s name deleted.
  • You must give this to the Electoral Registration Officer along with the applicant’s signatures.
  • The form may be submitted in person, via courier, or online.

It is your obligation to remove your name from the voter’s list if you are not a regular voter. If your name is on the ballot but you choose not to make use of your right to cast your vote, it will result in fraud and fake voting, which will impact the future of Indian politics. Review the voter list soon to ensure fair voting and remove your name if necessary.

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