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Home » Looking to Get a Loan for Buying a Bike? Well, an EMI Calculator for a Bike Loan Can Help You!

Looking to Get a Loan for Buying a Bike? Well, an EMI Calculator for a Bike Loan Can Help You!

Bike Loan

A two-wheeler or bike loan calculator is like an online tool that helps determine how much EMI you will have to pay off your loan each month. To obtain this particular information, you just have to fill out the essential details on the website, which auto-calculates the EMI amount accurately and shows it to you. You can get a two-wheeler loan from public or private banks without paying anything upfront. You will have to repay the amount you borrowed through monthly installments.

While applying for two-wheeler loans, the essential factors that need to be kept in mind are the EMI amount and the interest rate. The two-wheeler loan EMI calculator enables you to get an estimate of the loan amount that you are eligible to borrow and for how much time. You will also be comfortable repaying without impacting your standard of living.

Things you should know before applying for a bike loan

For those who dream of owning a two-wheeler vehicle to make their daily commute more accessible, you can always look for loan options. The significant benefit of a bike loan is that you do not have to depend on public transport anymore. So below are some things you should be aware of before you apply for a bike loans:

  1. The documentation process for the loans is simple and is processed very fast.

  2. The interest rates on bike loans are much lower than the ones for credit cards.

  3. Bike loans are available in the market on zero down payment EMI options.

  4. The maximum tenure available for a bike loan is 36 months.

How does the bike loan EMI calculator work?

As we know, this is an online tool, so it will be readily available on any bank’s or lending institution’s website. And then this EMI calculator helps you calculate your EMI amount based on your inputs. These are the inputs that define your requirements and are:

The total loan amount: this is the sum of the total money that you would like to borrow from the bank for your bike.

Interest rate: This depends upon your eligibility.

Loan tenure: This is the time you need to repay your loan.

Advantages of a Bike Loan EMI Calculator

  • It can be used anytime and anywhere and is easy to use.

  • Your estimated EMI amount helps you plan the rest of your monthly finances smartly.

  • Depending upon your eligibility, you can quickly increase or decrease the loan repayment tenure that best suits you.

  • With the help of the calculator, you can prepare charts with different loan options and then compare them all to understand your loan in detail.

  • This online calculator is safe since your identity remains anonymous while calculating the EMI.

How can you reduce your bike loan EMI?

You can reduce your bike loan EMI amount in a few ways:

  • Choose a lower interest rate: When you choose a lender offering lower interest rates, that will automatically reduce your loan monthly installment.

  • Choose a higher down payment amount: If you have a reasonable budget, pay a higher down payment amount, directly reducing the EMI amount.

  • Choose a longer loan repayment term: Repaying your loan over an extended period reduces the monthly EMI amount.

Things to know before you use the bike loan EMI calculator

Before you start using the bike loan EMI calculator to estimate the EMI amount, below are a few things you should be aware of:

  • The interest rate adjustment is different for all the other lending websites.

  • The EMI amount calculated is just an estimate. The actual EMI amount will only be finalized after you submit the bike loan application to the lending party.

  • Some websites even ask for processing fees for bike loans.


So, getting a bike loan is an exciting experience for anyone. Understanding the product you are buying and its monetary components will help you apply for the appropriate loan amount. And this way, you will enjoy the best of your new bike. So you can also refer to the above-mentioned pointers for the same and make the best use of this EMI calculator.


Yes, loan tenure is inversely proportional to the loan EMI. The longer the loan tenure, the lower the loan EMI.

The three main factors affecting the loan EMI amount are:

  1. interest rate
  2. The principal amount and
  3. Loan tenure

Yes, you can repay your bike loan early before the loan tenure ends without any additional fee.

Yes, you can apply for bike loans for new or used bikes of any kind.

You can use the bike load EMI calculator as much as you need until you get your EMI amount that suits your budget.

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