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A Few Tips On How to Get Free Airport Lounge Access

You are aware of how chaotic travelling through an airport can be. When the sun rises, you arrive at the airport, pull your weighty bag out of the back seat of a cab, and enter a racing pack of people inside a concrete structure. Airport lounges offer a calm and cozy shelter amidst the chaos of crowded ports, which can alleviate these alternatives.

These exclusive spaces range in style from simple to lavish, with certain ones even offering free spa services. Airport lounge memberships can be collected for a significant discount or even for free if you have the appropriate credit card or membership.

What Advantages Do People Get From Airport Lounges?

Airport lounges provide a place to unwind amidst the busy airport surroundings. Several facilities are offered, including cozy seating, free food and beverages, fast Wi-Fi, and occasionally even a refreshing shower. Relaxation is one of the benefits of using a credit card that many travellers look for, and these lounges provide it.

What’s Known as a Pass for an Airport Lounge?

An airport lounge pass is a permit or membership that allows access to certain airport lounges. Before flying, travellers may relax in a more comfy ambience in these lounges. Usually, they provide free food and beverages, cozy seating, and fast Wi-Fi.

Additionally, premium lounges offer dining options, spa treatments, shower suites, and nap rooms. An airline’s lounge grade usually reflects the airline itself. Excellent lounges are usually provided by premium airlines, such as Singapore and Emirates, particularly overseas.

Is It Possible to Enter an Airport Lounge for Free?

Usually, you can only enter an airport lounge for free if you’re carrying a premium class ticket, a membership to the facility, or an access-granting credit card. First-class or international travellers frequently have access to lounges as an advantage of their ticket advantages. Besides, individuals with a current lounge membership occasionally have the option to invite up to two guests for free.

Why Are Credit Cards the Best Means to Get Free Airport Lounge Access?

Credit cards provide plenty of advantages to help you travel more affordably and conveniently. One such feature is complimentary access to airport lounges, which enables customers to get free entry to several lounges at domestic and worldwide airports.

Travel credit cards are not the only cards with this facility; several all-arounders offer free lounge access as an extra perk. However, each card has a different annual cap on the amount of complimentary lounge visits.

The extravagance of resting in an airport lounge with a lovely environment, free drinks, and accessibility to special services may make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Journeying is often a stressful experience for almost all of us.

To improve your travel experience, Banks offers a variety of credit cards that include free entry to airport lounges. Continue reading to learn about the top credit cards in India for free and paid airport lounge access.

The Best Travel Cards in 2024

Credit Card NameMinimum Salary Per MonthAge RangeAnnual Fees/Joining FeesStandard Reward PointWelcome Bonus
HDFC BANK 6E INDIGO CREDIT CARDRs. 50,00021 – 60 YearsRs. 500+GST/ Rs. 500+GST1 6E Rewards on all other spendsNil
HDFC BANK 6E REWARDS INDIGO XL CREDIT CARDRs. 1,20,00021 – 60 YearsRs. 1500+GST/ Rs. 1500+GST2 6E Rewards on all other spends*Nil
HDFC BANK SUPERIA AIRLINE CREDIT CARDNil21 – 60 YearsRs. 500+GST/ Rs. 500+GST3 Reward Points for every Rs 1501000 Point
HDFC BANK INTERMILES CREDIT CARDRs. 90,00021 – 60 YearsRs. 2500+GST/ Rs. 2500+GSTEarn 12 InterMiles on every Rs. 150 spent on every Flight Ticket booked on Intermiles(i) up to 8,000 Bonus InterMiles Rs. 750 Flight Discount vouchers* for the first year (ii) Rs. 2000 Hotel Discount vouchers* for the first year
INDUSIND BANK PLATINUM AURA EDGE CREDIT CARDRs. 25,00018 – 60 YearsNil/ Rs. 500+GST4 Reward Points for every Rs.No
ICICI BANK ACCELERO CREDIT CARDRs. 25,00021 – 60 YearsRs. 499+GST/ Rs. 499+GSTEarn upto 2 ICICI Bank Reward Points on every Rs 100 spent on retail purchases except fuelNil

How Can You Use Credit Card Benefits to Get Access to Airport Lounges in India?

To visit the airport lounge, just contact the lounge staff and present your credit card if that is the case. A very minor fee (usually Rs. 2 for VISA cards and Rs. 25 for Mastercards) will be applied when your card is swiped. You can enter the lounge to make use of the amenities, which include dining, drinking, and other beverages in addition to cozy lounging.

The Most Beneficial Credit Cards with Zero Airport Lounge Access Fee

Before leaving for their journey, passengers may relax, work, or eat in the lavish airport lounge. Having access to airport lounges can greatly improve and comfort the travel experience, particularly during extended layovers.

There are various free credit cards available in India that grant users free entry to airport lounges. Even though several of these cards aren’t completely free, they usually cut off the joining and renewal charges after a certain amount of spending; thus, those cards qualify as complimentary lounge credit cards.

Credit Card NameAirport Lounge AccessOther Benefits
AU Small Finance Bank LIT CardFree entry to certain Indian airport lounges, depending on availability.Discounts on
  • Movie Tickets,
  • Dining
  • Fuel
IDFC First Select Credit CardEvery quarter, enjoy 4 complimentary visits to domestic airport lounges.
  • Fuel surcharge waiver Discounts on movie tickets
  • Dining
HDFC Bank VISA Signature Credit CardEnjoy the delight of having free access to airport lounges.Receive up to 3 add-on cards free for your family
Axis Bank My Zone Credit CardOnce a quarter, free access to the airport lounge.Discounts on
  • Movie tickets
  • Dining
  • Fuel

In India, Which are The Best Credit Cards for lounge access in 2024?

Regular passengers are fond of airport lounges because they offer a break from the busy airport environment. These lounges have several high-end features, such as comfortable chairs, device charging connections, and free food and refreshments.

  1. HDFC Regalia First Credit Card
  2. InterMiles ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card
  3. SBI ELITE Credit Card
  4. American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card
  5. Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit

Which Indian Credit Cards Grant Permission to Lounge at Foreign Airports?

Credit CardLounge Access to International Airports
HDFC Regalia First Credit CardYes
InterMiles ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit CardYes
HDFC Superia Credit CardNo
SBI ELITE Credit CardYes
American Express Platinum Travel Credit CardYes
JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Platinum Credit CardYes
Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit CardYes
Axis Bank Titanium Smart Traveller Credit CardYes

What should you Check While Choosing a Credit Card for Airport Lounge Access?

When selecting the ideal credit card for accessibility to airport lounges, keep the following points in mind:

  • Not every credit card comes with no-cost access to airport lounges.
  • Whereas certain cards only grant entrance to domestic airport lounges, others grant access to both national and international lounges.
  • While most credit cards have a cap on a given number of lounge visits, certain extremely premium credit cards allow a limitless number of visits.
  • A few international lounge access credit cards can offer free memberships to lounge access programs like Priority Pass; however, they can fail to offer free visits with them.
  • Particular cards may only grant free lounge access upon fulfilling specific spending milestones within a given time frame.

How Can One Use a Credit Card to Get No-Fee Access to Airport Lounges?

You may get no-cost entry to selected airport lounges by using cards issued by companies’ programs, such as Visa, Mastercard, Rupay, American Express, and Discover. Credit card holders can access international lounges through partnerships with companies such as Priority Pass, Lounge Key, and Dream Folks.

You can enter participating lounges for free if you’re carrying a credit card that allows entry to airport lounges. You must show the agent your credit card, which they will swipe, and your boarding pass. Occasionally, a small amount may be charged.

How Will You Maximize Credit Card Lounge Access Benefits?

If you want to get the most out of your credit card’s lounge access privileges, be certain that you select suitable lounges by reviewing the list provided by your card company. You can also do the same thing by contacting Refer Loan’s team.

In addition, it’s critical to learn your lounge access rules. Although some lounges provide free memberships, others provide admission based on airline status. Understanding the terms and conditions will enable you to get the most out of your visit and streamline the process for getting in.

Look into all the lounge-specific features to get the most out of your lounge access enjoyment. Different lounges offer a variety of facilities, such as seating and reading material, spas, and showers.

Bottom Line

Each credit card offers different features and benefits, so it’s important to pick the one that best suits your preferences. If you have one of these credit cards in your wallet, you may travel in comfort and without worry, even on lengthy layovers.

We recommend that selecting a credit card requires taking into account other factors besides lounge access. You have to consider the card’s value in general with the cost it charges. You should also be aware of how much you are willing to pay for the charge each year.

You should look at all of the advantages of charging travel expenses on your credit card, including features like immediate discounts on airline base fares, reduced foreign exchange markup fees, and rewarding conversions into Air Miles.

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