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2024 Bank Holidays in India

Details on holidays at banks in India can help you schedule banking visits and other banking-related activities. Below is a “detailed list” of banking holidays in the nation of India in 2024. This list will assist you in planning your banking visit and business as well as personal transactions.

In India, There are Multiple Types of Banks.

These are:

  • Central Bank ( Reserve Bank of India)
  • Commercial Banks, Cooperative Banks
  • Regional Rural Banks (RRB)
  • Small Finance Banks (SMB)
  • Local Area Banks (LAB)

Different Categories of Holidays on Banks in 2024

Holidays at banks are divided into two different categories:

  1. National Holidays
  2. Government Holidays.

India Celebrates Three National Holidays, “Which Are:”

1) Republic Day

2) Independence Day

3) Gandhi Jayanti

National Holidays are commonly referred to as gazetted holidays. During national holidays, banks and other financial organizations are closed.

Governmental Holidays are Further Subdivided Into:

  1. State Government Holidays
  2. Central Government Holidays

State Government Bank Holidays vary amongst Indian States; however, Central Government Bank Holidays are generally observed nationwide.

As for Example:

  • Maharashtra Day is a banking holiday observed in Maharashtra.
  • Goa Liberation Day is a banking holiday observed in Goa.
  • Haryana Day is a Banking holiday observed in Haryana.

Bank Holidays 2024

1 JanuaryMondayNew Year’s Day
12 JanuaryFridayBirthday of Swami Vivekananda
13 JanuarySaturdaySecond Saturday
15 JanuaryMondayMakar Sankranti / Pongal
17 JanuaryWednesdayGuru Gobind Singh Ji Birthday
26 JanuaryFridayRepublic Day
27 JanuarySaturdayFourth Saturday
10 FebruarySaturdayLosar
14 FebruaryWednesdayBasant Panchami
15 FebruaryThursdayBirthday of Md. Hazrat Ali/Lui-Ngai-Ni
24 FebruarySaturdayGuru Ravidas Ji Birthday
25 FebruarySundayThaipusam
8 MarchFridayMahashivratri
9 MarchSaturdaySecond Saturday
23 MarchSaturdayFourth Saturday
25 MarchMondayHoli
29 MarchFridayGood Friday
1 AprilMondayAnnual Closing of Bank Accounts
5 AprilFridayBabu Jagjivan Ram’s Birthday
8 AprilMondayId-ul-Fitr/Ugadi
9 AprilTuesdayChaitra Sukladi/Gudi Padwa/Ugadi/Cheti Chand
13 AprilSaturdaySecond Saturday
14 AprilSundayTamil New Year
21 AprilSundayMahavir Jayanti
27 AprilSaturdayFourth Saturday
7 MayTuesdayBirthday of Guru Rabindranath Tagore
11 MaySaturdaySecond Saturday
23 MayThursdayBudha Purnima
25 MaySaturdayFourth Saturday
8 JuneSaturdaySecond Saturday
10 JuneMondayMartyrdom Day of Sri Guru Arjun Dev ji
15 JuneSaturdayYMA Day
16 JuneSundayId-ul-Zuha (Bakrid)
22 JuneSaturdayFourth Saturday
8 JulyMondayRath Yatra
13 JulySaturdaySecond Saturday
17 JulyWednesdayMuharram
27 JulySaturdayFourth Saturday
10 AugustSaturdaySecond Saturday
15 AugustThursdayIndependence Day
19 AugustMondayRaksha Bandhan
24 AugustSaturdayFourth Saturday
26 AugustMondayJanmashtami (Vaishnva)
5 SeptemberThursdayTithi of Srimanta Sankardeva
7 SeptemberSaturdayVinayagar Chaturthi
14 SeptemberSaturdaySecond Saturday
15 SeptemberSundayThiruvonam
16 SeptemberMondayMilad-un-Nabi or Id-e-Milad (Birthday of Prophet Mohammad)
28 SeptemberSaturdayFourth Saturday
1 OctoberTuesdayHalf-Yearly Closing of Bank Accounts
2 OctoberWednesdayMahatma Gandhi’s Birthday
11 OctoberFridayAyudha Puja / Saraswati Puja
12 OctoberSaturdaySecond Saturday/Bank Holiday / Vijayadashami
26 OctoberSaturdayFourth Saturday
31 OctoberThursdayDiwali (Deepavali)
1 NovemberFridayLaxmi Puja, Kannada Rajyotsava
2 NovemberSaturdayGovardhan Puja
7 NovemberThursdayChhath Puja
9 NovemberSaturdaySecond Saturday
15 NovemberFridayGuru Nanak’s Birthday
18 NovemberMondayKanakadasa Jayanthi
23 NovemberSaturdayFourth Saturday
3 DecemberSaturdayFeast of St. Francis Xavier
14 DecemberSaturdaySecond Saturday
25 DecemberWednesdayChristmas Day
28 DecemberSaturdayFourth Saturday
31 DecemberTuesdayNew Year’s Eve

NEFT & RTGS Holidays in 2024

RTGS is an acronym for Real-Time Gross Settlement, while NEFT refers to National Electronic Funds Transfer. Both RTGS and NEFT enable consumers to transfer money from a specific bank to a different one. The RTGS and NEFT systems have been operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, since December 14, 2020.

Please keep in mind that the RTGS and NEFT services are available on various banking holidays. If a person transfers funds on a banking holiday, that amount will be credited to the recipient’s account, but the person who transferred it will get a receipt on the next regular banking business day.

List of Bank Holidays on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays

Apart from the above-mentioned banking holidays, banking institutions are also closed on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month. If a month has five Saturdays, the fifth will be a banking day of operation. Previously, banks used to work half-day every Saturday.

13 JanuarySecond Saturday
27 JanuaryFourth Saturday
10 FebruarySecond Saturday
24 FebruaryFourth Saturday
9 MarchSecond Saturday
23 MarchFourth Saturday
13 AprilSecond Saturday
27 AprilFourth Saturday
11 MaySecond Saturday
25 MayFourth Saturday
8 JuneSecond Saturday
22 JuneFourth Saturday
13 JulySecond Saturday
27 JulyFourth Saturday
10 AugustSecond Saturday
24 AugustFourth Saturday
14 SeptemberSecond Saturday
28 SeptemberFourth Saturday
12 OctoberSecond Saturday
26 OctoberFourth Saturday
9 NovemberSecond Saturday
23 NovemberFourth Saturday
14 DecemberSecond Saturday
28 DecemberFourth Saturday

The holiday list will help you visit a bank branch within the business days. Banking professionals with these “holiday lists” will be able to plan their holiday trips. Gazetted holidays are mandated governmental holidays, whereas restricted holidays are discretionary and may differ by organization and region.

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